“Another 500 thousand will pass.” An abandoned 1979 Mercedes was started in Estonia

“Another 500 thousand will pass.” An abandoned 1979 Mercedes was started in Estonia

The German sedan of 1979 did not leave indifferent motorists from Europe

«Проедет еще 500 тыс.». В Эстонии завели заброшенный Mercedes 1979 года

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The Flexiny automotive YouTube channel has published a video showing a 1979 Mercedes-Benz w123 300D found with Estonian license plates. According to the authors of the video, the car stood abandoned and without movement for nine years.

Judging by the video, the car was in a depressing condition: the body was heavily soiled, the interior was littered with garbage, and under the hood some parts had fallen into disrepair. Also, initially the car did not have wheels.

However, despite this, after a little intervention by the authors of the video, the Mercedes-Benz engine started up. After that, the German sedan went on a short trip, including off-road. No problems were detected while driving the car.

The commentators were not left indifferent by the video.

gkft: “These are the times when Mercedes did really cool things, such cars are no longer produced.”

engenhariapoluidora: “It’s just a dream car. It’s so exciting to watch this gem of German engineering come back online.”

a200tq1: “It looks like this Mercedes is ready to drive another 500 thousand km.”

vadim4ik938: “No one and nothing will kill this car.”

razvanbala2887: “Old Mercedes never die.”

Haze0320: “A real revival. W123 is my favorite Mercedes. I will especially note the color of the car, it suits her very well.


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