"Between morning and evening"

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Job 4:20
"Between morning and evening they (human beings) are beaten to pieces".

By nature, even we Christians are morally weak and failing.

We get "beaten to pieces" by our sin, and our suffering.

And that's why "between morning and evening" we need Jesus and his free undeserved grace, every day of our lives.

We never qualify or deserve to receive God's grace.

God gives his grace richly to us simply by faith in his Son Jesus.

One with the Son and the Father we need lack no supply of grace for this moment and the next, and the next...

Do you feel "beaten to pieces" today?

Call out to Jesus now.

He hears and will answer you.

He loved you and gave himself for you.

He alone is full of grace and by faith in him you'll receive his mercy to forgive you, and the grace to enable you to trust and obey him "between morning and evening" today and every day.