God's grace during our isolation

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As Christians we have become used to meeting with our church families every Sunday and throughout the week as well. It seems to me that God has taken away for a time that privilege from us during this pandemic so that we may see afresh that our lives have been redeemed by Jesus, and therefore remember to be Jesus to our families, friends, and neighbors. 

We can get to know Jesus better and make him known to others by:

1. Pursuing personal individual fellowship with God through reading and meditating on his Word, confessing our sins to God, praying for ourselves and others and singing hymns and songs to the Lord.

2. Repeating the above with our families and households through daily family worship time - this can involve reading the sacred Scriptures consecutively a chapter or a short portion at a time, with parents making brief and simple comments about what was read, talking to God about what was discussed along with confessing our sins and praying for others, and singing of hymns and songs to God as a family.

3. Sharing the good news about the love of Jesus - the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world, and the one who credits to us the free gift of the record of his perfect obedience through faith unmixed with anything good we may do.