Jesus Christ is God's last Word to the sinful world

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“in these last days he [God] has spoken to us by [or through] his Son”. (Hebrews 1:2a)

The letter to Hebrews, Hebrew Christians was written around A.D. 65. Those times were called “the last days” as we know it before Jesus comes back again.

After Jesus was ascended to heaven to sit at the right hand of God, the Father and the Son sent the Holy Spirit to convict the world of sin, righteousness, and judgment. Peter on the day of Pentecost preached these words “In the last days, God says, I will pour out my Spirit on all people”, quoted from Joel 2:28-32. By this, he was saying that they were in “the last days” before Jesus comes back again to judge the world.

And in Hebrews 1.2a it says that God spoke to us by his Son in these last days. During the preaching ministry of Jesus on earth, God was speaking through his Son’s words and life, and it was already considered to be “the last days”.

Friends, “the last days” began with Jesus’ ministry on earth, and that is how God has given us his last Word, his last message, in his Son Jesus. And what God spoke in “these last days” is the good news about Jesus Christ who came to represent God’s holy and righteous character to us to show us how sinful we are, and at the same time to represent us, sinners, before God, by obeying God perfectly in our place, and substituting himself for us in his death on the cross taking the wrath of God as the just punishment for our sins.

We are in “the last days”, and there hasn’t been another prophet or a messenger with another word from God to bring another word, because Jesus Christ the God-Man was and is God’s last Word to the sinful world.

Everyone, please, listen to what God has said in and through his Son Jesus. He is the good news, the best news this lost world will ever hear. Turn from your sinful ways and trust in Jesus, and live now and forever. Read the gospels, the New Testament and even the Old Testament which pointed to and spoke about the Messiah to come and “save his people from their sins”.

These last days have been rather long, but God is in charge as to when these last days come to an end. We are not in control of history, time and future. Do not let Jesus’ return catch you by surprise. The second time he will come back as the judge of the world. Become one of those who hear what God is saying and obey him. Jesus is God’s last Word. Will you humble yourself and open your heart to God’s Son Jesus Christ, who loved you and gave himself for you?