"...O prisoners of hope..."

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"Return to your stronghold, O prisoners of hope; today I declare that I will restore to you double". Zechariah 9:12

Though God's people of Israel have been back in their homeland from Babylonian captivity for some time, it seems that the people have been discouraged in their hearts and doubting if God will actually do what he's promised and restore the blessings of his covenant to them. The times looked hopeless.

But God would have them return to their stronghold - the prison of their hope - God coming and restoring double to them. As x-prisoners they were to think of God as their 'prison of hope', one who is and will do all that he said he would do. As when they were in prison and all they saw is hopelessness, so now they were to look at God as their prison, and wherever they look, whatever they think it would give an aroma of hope.

And I think we in the new covenant can take principles from this and return to our stronghold - God our hope, and stay imprisoned to our hope. God our stronghold will restore double to us - who's hope is God. Let us "prisoners of hope" return to him our "stronghold", that we may have our returns. We do not hope for people or things, but God. He is powerful to do beyond our imagination.

God in Christ Jesus is our only hope for 2009!