The Reason for the birth of Jesus

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Without the birth of Jesus, there would not be any salvation for anyone of us.

Jesus the Son of God became a man.

He called himself "the Son of Man", the Messiah, the anointed one to do what God the Father sent him to do.

As a man, Jesus' perfect obedience from the cradle to the cross is what we all need, but what every one of us by nature lacks.

All we have is sin.

All Jesus has is perfect obedience or righteousness.

All we deserve is death, and death is just what Jesus endured for us, though he didn't deserve it.

He was born to get the punishment for our sins which we deserve, so that we may have our sins forgiven, and receive the free gift of righteousness that we don't deserve.

This is how God loved the world that has rejected him, by giving his only Son that we would not perish but turn from our self-centered lives and live by faith in Jesus and in what he has done for us.

That is the free grace of God.

In all that God has done for us to redeem us, he is good and holy and he is worthy to be worshipped.

Whom or what will you and I worship this Christmas?

And may 2020 be a year full of joy and peace for you and for me as we seek a clearer vision of our good God.