Where do we find our worth?

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It is not in people or in things, but only in God that I and you, can find worth, significance and importance. Everyone and everything will fail, but God never will.

Here's a question for you and I, 'Where, or in whom or in what do I validate my life in?'

Here's a test to help us where we're at with God: If I live by finding my value in people, things, careers, money and etc., anxiety and worry will dominate my mind. But if I live by trusting in God, finding my worth in him, peace and joy and courage will dominate my mind.

So whatever negative dominates your mind it doesn't need to. You only need to acknowledge to yourself, and to God what it is. And turn to him in confession and prayer for his Spirit and grace to help your heart to trust God and find worth in him alone.

Life of faith is a daily battle. So on a daily basis you and I must turn our hearts to him to search us, and to show us where we're at with God. Is it trust in Jesus, resulting in peace, joy and courage? Or is it distrust or trust in yourself, which results in worry and anxiety that rules in your heart. Only one of those brings glory to God.

"And because of him you are in Christ Jesus". (1 Corinthians 1:30a)