"the will of our God and Father"

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"According to the will of our God and Father" (Galatians 1:4b)

It was God the Father's good will, it pleased him so to give up his only Son to death for our sins. He is God and he does as he pleases.

But it pleased God's Son as well to come and die, because it says, he, Jesus "gave himself for our sins..."! No one forced him or make him to come and die in our place, he did it of his own free will.

And so the will of God, of the Father and the Son is one, they both willed the death of God's unique Son, Jesus Christ.

The will of God is accomplished according to the eternal purpose of God to glorify his Son Jesus Christ, and it is enveloped in the love of God for his lost, broken and sinful world.

Through faith in Jesus Christ I have become God's child, his son. And now the Father of Jesus is my Father as well. And everything that happens in my life happens "According to the will of our [my] God and Father". And our Father's will is always and only for the good of his children, and for me his child, even hard and painful things, as in the case of his Son Jesus Christ.