Thoughts on Union With Christ

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H.C.G.Moule (1885)




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Hi Vaclav,

I just recently purchased this book from a dealer in the UK, so I won't be needing a reprint. Thanks, anyway.


Hi Lynne. Thanks for letting

Vaclav's picture

Hi Lynne. Thanks for letting me know. Glad you found a copy of this delightful little book. Blessings, Vaclav


Hi Vaclav,

I've recently joined and received your email with instructions. I also see that you are busy for the next year, not doing reprints. I guess I'm going ahead with this to see if you already had one done. Either way, I'm interested in this book. If it will be a year from now, I'll move on with my search. Thanks in advance.

Lynne marie

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