Cars began to be transported even from Canada. What you can buy in September

The Russian car market has been replenished with new models. List

The Russian automobile market continues to be saturated with new cars. Almost all of them come from China, but there are exceptions

Автомобили начали возить даже из Канады. Что можно купить в сентябре

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The number of car models on the Russian market continues to increase. Even an increase in the recycling fee and restrictions on parallel imports through Georgia do not prevent this yet.

However, in the segment up to 2 million rubles. there is practically no alternative to Lada cars, even taking into account the recent increase in prices for domestic cars. They can compete only with Iranian IKCO, which continues to be imported piece by piece by one of the Russian dealer holdings. But those who are willing to spend several million at once have more and more choices.

Threat to Muscovites

One of the main novelties of the beginning of autumn should be expected from Kaliningrad. The Avtotor plant located there has already started producing three models at once, which, with some assumptions, can be recorded as competitors to the Moskvich 3 crossover.

These are relatives of the Kaiyi X3 and X3 Pro, as well as the BAIC X35, which is close to them in design. Interestingly, these two brands actually compete with each other, but this does not bother the representatives of the assembly plant.

Автомобили начали возить даже из Канады. Что можно купить в сентябре

Kaiyi X3 (Photo: Kaiyi)

Crossovers from Kaiyi substitute, in fact, one model with some external differences and different interiors. Both are built on the basis of Chery Tiggo 4, which is not surprising, given that the brand itself belongs to the Chery concern, although it is present in Russia independently.

The main difference between the models is that the X3 is equipped with a gasoline atmospheric 1.5-liter engine with a capacity of 115 hp, which is combined with both “mechanics” and a variator. And the X3 Pro in the top version already has a turbocharged engine of the same volume with a capacity of 147 hp. — approximately like the Moskvich 3. The BAIC X35 occupies an intermediate position with a turbocharged engine with a capacity of 136 hp.

Автомобили начали возить даже из Канады. Что можно купить в сентябре

Kaiyi X3 Pro (Photo:Kaiyi)

The main question is how much these crossovers will cost. And here we must take into account that both Kaiyi and BAIC in Russia are positioned as one of the most affordable Chinese cars. And at the presentation of models, which took place in the spring of 2023, representatives of brands said that they intend to conquer the market precisely at the expense of the best prices.

For reference, we recall that “Moskvich 3” now costs from 2.22 million rubles. Chery Tiggo 4 will cost at least 2.14 million, and Geely Coolray will cost 2.3 million

Автомобили начали возить даже из Канады. Что можно купить в сентябре

BAIC X35 (Photo: Sergey Ivanov/Autonews.ru )

The sedan, or rather the liftback Moskvich 6, will not enter the market until the end of October, but it already has a competitor in the person of Changan Lamore. This is a car close in size, which was estimated at 2 789 900 rubles.

Lamore is presented in Russia in a unique and very rich configuration. Its interior is decorated with a large central display with a diagonal of 13.2 inches. The instrument panel is also electronic. But only the driver has a heated seat.

Автомобили начали возить даже из Канады. Что можно купить в сентябре

Changan Lamore (Photo: Changan)

The car is equipped with a 1.5-liter turbocharged engine with a capacity of 166 hp and a robotic seven-speed gearbox with two clutches.

Full replacement of Toyota RAV4 and Volkswagen Tiguan

The choice of Chinese crossovers in Russia has long been quite wide, but almost all models from China came to us exclusively with front-wheel drive, which automatically put them on a step below cars from traditional manufacturers from Japan, Korea and Europe.

Now such models as Toyota RAV4, Nissan X-Trail, Kia Sportage or Volkswagen Tiguan come to us except for parallel imports and are more expensive than Chinese analogues, so customers have reoriented specifically to the products of the automotive industry of China.

Автомобили начали возить даже из Канады. Что можно купить в сентябре

Chery Tiggo 7 Pro Max (Photo: Chery)

And now there is a new interesting option for them – Chery Tiggo 7 Pro Max with all-wheel drive. Moreover, the latter was fitted almost specially for Russia.

By the end of August, the Tiggo 7 Pro Max has already become the best-selling crossover on the Russian market, second only to Lada Granta in absolute sales. Now buyers can choose whether to pay 3.2 million rubles. for a richly equipped version with all-wheel drive and a turbocharged 1.6-liter engine with a capacity of 150 hp or save and buy the basic version for 2.76 million rubles., but only with front-wheel drive and 147-horsepower 1.5-liter engine.

Автомобили начали возить даже из Канады. Что можно купить в сентябре

Jetour Dashing (Photo: Jetour)

You can save even more. In the summer, sales of the Jetour brand, which also belongs to Chery, began in Russia, and they have a Dashing crossover built on the same platform. The cheapest version of it with a «automatic » will cost 2.61 million rubles, and for 2.39 million rubles. in theory, you can order an option with a manual transmission, which is not provided for the Chery Tiggo 7 in principle.

Almost Jeep Wrangler from China

In Kaliningrad, the release of another model of the BAIC, the brutal BJ40 SUV, has also begun. Moreover, its price is already known — 4 million 59 thousand rubles. Cars are already being shipped to dealers.

Автомобили начали возить даже из Канады. Что можно купить в сентябре

BAIC Beijing BJ40 (Photo: Sergey Ivanov/Autonews.ru )

BJ40 — this is the case when the car not only looks like a brutal SUV, but also is one. Moreover, the roof panels are made of plastic and are removed, exposing the tubular frame. This makes the Chinese SUV related to the American Jeep Wrangler, which, if you have the skill and time, can also be turned into a convertible. Individual Jeep Wranglers can still be found in Russian car dealerships, but they are twice as expensive as their Chinese counterpart.

In terms of technology, the BJ40 differs from the Wrangler with an independent front suspension instead of a bridge. Basically, the design is similar: a frame, a continuous rear axle and a rigidly connected all-wheel drive with a downshift.

Автомобили начали возить даже из Канады. Что можно купить в сентябре

BAIC Beijing BJ40 (Photo: dongchedi.com)

There is only one engine so far: a two-liter, turbocharged gasoline engine with a capacity of 218 hp. It works in tandem with a classic eight-speed automatic. However, at the BAIC presentation in Russia, a diesel version was promised in the future, although it was not possible to find information about the availability of such in China. However, the BAIC concern owns the Foton brand of commercial vehicles, and in theory diesel can be borrowed from there.

Unexpected guest from Canada

One of the Moscow dealers in September found two Acura MDX crossovers, and in the performance for the Canadian market. Such cars cost 10.57 million rubles, and the price is valid only when paying in cash.

The MDX model in Russia has always been the most popular of all Acura brand cars. For many years it was imported by gray dealers, then for some time it was officially sold until the brand left the Russian market.

Автомобили начали возить даже из Канады. Что можно купить в сентябре

Acura MDX (Photo: Acura)

This is a large seven-seat crossover, an analogue of the Infiniti QX60 and the new Lexus TX. It is equipped with an atmospheric V6 engine with a volume of 3.5 liters and a capacity of 290 hp and shares a platform with a Honda Pilot.

By the way, Acura is the oldest existing premium car brands from Japan. The Honda concern created this brand back in 1986, before Toyota had Lexus, and Nissan Infiniti.

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