Classic Maldives — what are they like?

Классические Мальдивы — какие они?

Holidays in the Maldives have always been an escape from civilization. Small islands-hotels, incredible azure waves, wide beaches with white sand, villas above the water or among tropical greenery, facing directly to the ocean, fantastic sunsets. Silence, peace. Privacy. It is no coincidence that the Maldives is considered the best place in the world for newlyweds.
A lot is changing now – glass and concrete hotels are being built, futuristic, similar to flying saucers, each hotel strives to outdo others in terms of unusual and the amount of entertainment — somewhere an ice rink and water slides are adjacent, somewhere they amaze guests with pink walls. Animation is being added, shopping and entertainment centers are being built right on the islands where silence reigned. In an effort to please many, Maldivian hotels create a real medley of entertainment and bright colors — and lose their individuality.
There are about 7,200 kilometers between Russia and Male. Every year many thousands of people make this journey – why? Why do travelers come to these islands over and over again? What can be done only in the Maldives — and must be done (because you can visit the mall anywhere)?
Let’s remember together what they are — classic Maldives.Maldives hotels have always been special. The style of the Maldives was formed by incorporating Indian, Arab and European influences. Natural materials, restrained pastel colors, shapes and decorative elements that bring us back to nature – naturalness and restrained chic are held in high esteem in the Maldives.
But beach holidays and luxury hotels are not all that classic Maldives delight guests with. Maldives offers snorkeling and spa treatments, traditional dhoni boats and seaplanes, bright southern stars and incredible fish.

Классические Мальдивы — какие они?

See the Maldives from a height.
The blue sea merging with the blue sky – and among all this blue there are scattered green islands with a white border of beaches – of various shapes and sizes. Rise above the Maldives and you will see them as only birds see them.
Cross the equator.
Bring a really cool souvenir from your trip — certificate of crossing the equator. This tradition has been around for several centuries, and rituals have not always been safe or pleasant. But without such a ritual, the sailor was not considered “real”. In the Maldives, to cross the equator, you can just come to the island of Gan.
Become a stargazer.
If you like to look at the stars – do not miss the opportunity to observe them in the observatory under the open sky. Unfamiliar constellations of the southern hemisphere shine here with such romantic names – Hydra, Orion, Eridanus, Southern Cross.

Классические Мальдивы — какие они?

Eat a pood of salt.
In the Maldives, you can visit a special restaurant where salt tastings from around the world are held. And not just to try – but with the help of a sommelier to figure out which kind of salt is ideal for a particular dish.
Dive into the depths.
Snorkeling and diving – The Maldives are just made for this entertainment! Coral reefs around atolls are a real paradise for divers. Colorful fish and other marine life amazes with the quirkiness of shapes and sizes. But no less beautiful are the corals themselves – white, red, pink, blue and black.
Catch a goldfish.

Классические Мальдивы — какие они?

We do not promise gold, but the Diamond fish is no worse prey. Karanx, because of its unusual scales, called Diamond — is only one of the species of fish that a brave fisherman can get in the waters of the Indian Ocean. And if you want to feel like a real Maldivian fisherman – go on a traditional night fishing. You will be taught to navigate the sea by the stars and will be told a lot of local legends and fishing tales.
Take a ride on dhoni.
Traditional dhoni boats are the symbol of the Maldives. If your state consists of islands, the only transport connecting them since ancient times will become not only a “service” but also a cultural phenomenon, reflecting the lifestyle and traditions of the people. Small wooden boats with a curved bow, under an oblique sail, still plow these waters not only for entertainment purposes – they are used for fishing and passenger transportation.

Классические Мальдивы — какие они?

Come to the Maldives – relax from the hustle and bustle, enjoy treatments in stunning spas on the island resorts, fish and dive to the corals, admire the southern stars, relax on the white sand of the beaches.
Classics are the best, exemplary, most outstanding, universally recognized masterpieces – and a classic vacation in the Maldives meets this definition 100%.






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