Dealers have raised the prices of cars from parallel imports. List

Skoda Suberb, Kia K9 and Mazda CX-4 have risen in price in Russia

Against the background of currency fluctuations, Russian dealers began to change price lists for cars that were brought under the parallel import scheme

Дилеры подняли цены на автомобили из параллельного импорта. Список

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Skoda Suberb

“Official” Skoda Suberb has long since run out of dealers. However, some trading companies import Czech liftbacks to our country via alternative routes. As the showroom managers admit, such machines are very popular with customers.

«We do not carry large batches of «Superbugs ». Those that we deliver to the salon are swept away immediately. Cars are no different from the official ones. The warranty for the car is provided for two years. However, provided the car is serviced with us, an employee of a car dealership in the west of Moscow told.

Дилеры подняли цены на автомобили из параллельного импорта. Список

Skoda Suberb (Photo:Skoda)

Those wishing to purchase such a Skoda Suberb will have to pay 3 920 000 rubles. However, according to the dealership manager, he is ready to discuss the discount “at the hood”. For this money, the client will receive a car with a 1.4-liter gasoline engine with a capacity of 150 hp and a robot. Among the options: light and rain sensor, rear parking sensors, dual-zone climate control, start-stop system and multimedia system with touch screen.

At the beginning of summer , a correspondent Autonews.ru I applied to this&the same car dealership with a similar issue. Then the representative of the trading company was ready to sell the liftback for 3 670 000 rubles.

Model Min. price at the dealer in June 2023. Min. price at the dealer in August 2023. Skoda Suberb 3.670.000 rub. 3.920.000 rub. Kia K9 10 200 000 rub. 11 000 000 rub. Mazda CX-4 2 800 000 rub. 3 200 000 rub. Volkswagen Tiguan L 5 600 000 rub. 5 700 000 rub. BMW X3 8 520 000 rub. 8 675 000 rub. Hyundai Bayon 2 250 000 rub. 2 500 000 rub. Audi Q3 7 100 000 rub. 7 000 000 rub.

Kia K9

Kia K9 is a restyled version of the flagship sedan, which was previously known in the domestic market under the Kia K900 index. In Russia, in 2022, they managed to assemble only one batch of such machines due to the suspension of the Korean brand’s activities in our country. These models quickly found their buyers, and the sellers decided to carry sedans to the Russian market privately.

Дилеры подняли цены на автомобили из параллельного импорта. Список

Kia K9 (Photo: Kia)

For example, in a trading company in the north of the capital, you can buy a Korean-built Kia K9 in the top version for 11,000 rubles. The package of options includes adaptive cruise control, a lane-keeping system, an all-round camera, a remote control function of the car with a key, heating of all seats, as well as a multimedia system with a 12-inch touch screen. The interior of the sedan is trimmed with leather.

In June of this year, such a car cost 10 200 000 rubles in this company. The dealer explained such a rapid increase in value by the unfavorable exchange rate of the ruble.

“Now the situation in the foreign exchange market is normalizing, but understand, this does not mean that prices in car dealerships will immediately go down. After all, cars were purchased at the current rate at that time. Therefore, it is not necessary to count on some extreme reduction in the cost of cars for parallel imports now,” the seller convinces.

Mazda CX-4

The Japanese Mazda CX-4 crossover, which is produced in China, has also become seriously more expensive at Moscow dealers. The production of the model is carried out at the FAW-Mazda joint venture. This model reached Russia in December last year. Initially, one of the major car dealerships in the north-west of Moscow sold Mazda CX-4 for at least 2.9 million rubles. In the spring, the seller decided to reduce the prices of the Japanese model by 100 thousand rubles at once.

Дилеры подняли цены на автомобили из параллельного импорта. Список

Mazda CX-4 (Photo: Mazda)

However, now in this dealership the car costs at least 3 200 000 rubles. The reason for such a rise in price, the seller called some shares that were in effect earlier, but have now ended. At the same time, the manager of the trading company did not rule out that the cars will increase in price even more in the near future.

The front-wheel drive crossover is equipped with a two-liter “atmospheric” engine for 158 hp and a six-band “automatic”. In the basic version, the car received LED fog lights, an electronic parking brake, a blind spot monitoring system and a reversing assistance system.

Volkswagen Tiguan L

If desired, you can now buy a large Volkswagen Tiguan L crossover in Moscow. This car with a length of 4712 mm with an enlarged trunk is brought privately from China by one of the dealerships in the north of the city. A four-wheel drive car with a 2.0-liter 220 hp engine and a rich set of options costs 5 700 000 rubles from the dealer. A few months ago, a car in the same dealership cost 100 000 rubles cheaper.

Дилеры подняли цены на автомобили из параллельного импорта. Список

Volkswagen Tiguan L (Photo:Volkswagen)

When applying for a loan, it is quite possible to save up to 700,000 rubles. When buying in a trade-in, we will take off another 300,000 rubles from the price. We are also ready to discuss a personal discount. As a result, you will get a very attractive offer. Here we have a digital dashboard, a large multimedia display, parking sensors and many driver assistance systems. The car is worth the money, the seller advertises the crossover.


There will be no problems buying a BMW X3 crossover in Moscow. According to the seller in one of the car dealerships, now it is the most popular model for parallel import. Buying a four-wheel drive car with a 2.0-liter gasoline engine with a capacity of 184 hp in the version of the xDrive20i will cost 8 675 000 rubles. At the beginning of summer, in this showroom, the same BMW X3 could be bought for 8 520 000 rubles. At the same time, the potential client will have to pay extra for the guarantee.

Дилеры подняли цены на автомобили из параллельного импорта. Список

BMW X3 (Photo:BMW)

“As you understand, the warranty is provided by the official factory of the automaker. Accordingly, it does not apply to parallel import machines: the decision will not be made in favor of the owner of the machine. However, we found a way out of the situation. We offer our own car insurance policy. You will have to pay 286 000 rubles for it.”,” explained an employee of the car dealership.

Hyundai Bayon

However, representatives of another large Moscow dealership claim that the Hyundai Bayon compact crossover, which is also imported into the country privately, is particularly popular with customers now. Back at the end of spring at this car dealership, the cost of a compact crossover with a 100-horsepower atmospheric 1.4-liter engine and a six-speed automatic in the Prime configuration was 2.25 million rubles. excluding discounts. Now the seller asked for 2.5 million rubles for such a car. when paying in cash.

Дилеры подняли цены на автомобили из параллельного импорта. Список

Hyundai Bayon (Photo:Hyundai)

«We carry cars independently through Kazakhstan. There are no problems with the warranty, we provide it ourselves for a period of two years. Also, for confidence, I recommend applying for a casco policy. Moreover, in this case you can count on a discount of 150,000 rubles.», — convinces the seller.

Audi Q3

In a trading company in the north of the capital, on the contrary, prices for the Audi Q3 crossover have decreased. As the dealership manager explained, they were able to sign a contract with a factory in China, which now supplies them with these models. Moreover, the machines are covered by a two-year warranty.

Дилеры подняли цены на автомобили из параллельного импорта. Список

Audi Q3 (Photo:Audi)

To pay for the front-wheel drive crossover Audi Q3 with a 1.4-liter gasoline engine with a capacity of 150 hp will have 4 986 000 rubles. Previously, the dealership had only four-wheel drive Audi Q3, which the company brought on its own. The price of the car was 7 100 000 rubles. Now such cars still remain in the dealer’s warehouses, but they are cheaper than 7,000 rubles.

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