Drivers began to be fined for new malfunctions. Full list

Since September 1, drivers have been fined for new malfunctions. List

Drivers from September 1 were allowed to drive without first aid kits, stopped being fined for faulty speedometers and lack of mudguards. But there are new reasons for punishment: problems with seat adjustments and ABS. All changes

Водителей начали штрафовать за новые неисправности. Полный перечень

Photo:Shutterstock “The situation is unacceptable.” AvtoVAZ recognized the overstatement by dealers of prices for Vesta Law and traffic regulations on July 3, a stop under the sign “Parking is prohibited”: in what situations is it permissible to Spare parts On June 8, it is better not to crash into them. What is now not enough for the CTP policy The Law and traffic regulations on October 21, 2022, Which means a high-alert mode for drivers: who will be checked for sure

Details about the changes that have come into force in the list of vehicle malfunctions, in which the driver cannot go on public roads, were listed in the State Traffic Inspectorate. In most cases, motorists face a fine of 500 rubles for such violations, that is, a complete ban on driving does not threaten drivers. So, according to paragraph 2. 3. 1 of the Rules of the Road, if malfunctions occur along the way, with which the operation of vehicles is prohibited, the driver must eliminate them, and if this is not possible, then he can follow to the parking lot or repair in compliance with the necessary precautions.

But if the violation is serious, the car will still be sent to a special parking lot. Together with an expert on traffic police fines, we are figuring out what drivers will not be able to issue resolutions for now, in which new situations motorists will still be punished and what long-standing bans drivers did not even know about.

First aid kit, fire extinguisher and emergency stop sign: they will not be punished for their absence

According to the press service of the traffic police, from September 1, 2023, the absence of a first aid kit, a fire extinguisher and an emergency stop sign is no longer considered a reason to prohibit the operation of a vehicle.Consequently, drivers are also not threatened with fines for their absence. This decision was explained in the traffic police by the fact that their presence or absence from the driver does not affect the probability of an accident.

It is noteworthy that since September 1, 2022, the availability of first aid kits and fire extinguishers has stopped being checked at inspection points: they cannot refuse to issue a diagnostic card to a driver without a first aid kit.

Faulty speedometer and lack of mudguards: not a reason for a fine

Such reasons for a fine as a faulty speedometer, dirty headlights and the absence of head restraints and mudguards have disappeared from the list of malfunctions. About this Autonews.ru told the founder of the public project “Overheard at the traffic police” Valentin Ilyinov, who specializes in legal support of traffic police inspectors. On request Autonews.ru he studied the document in detail and noted that many points had changed in it. For example, he noted that earlier in the list there was no item about the malfunction of the seat adjustment mechanism.

Водителей начали штрафовать за новые неисправности. Полный перечень

Renault Arkana car interior (Photo: Renault)

ABS light bulb burning

As specified in the traffic police, a norm appeared in the regulations prohibiting the operation of a vehicle with a faulty anti-lock braking system (ABS) if it is provided for by the factory equipment of the car. Inspectors will be able to determine such a malfunction by looking at the indicator light for monitoring the working condition of the anti-lock braking system. The department added that drivers had to eliminate this malfunction before traveling on public roads.

Водителей начали штрафовать за новые неисправности. Полный перечень

A norm has appeared in the regulations prohibiting the operation of a vehicle with a faulty anti-lock braking system (ABS) if it is provided the factory configuration of the car (Photo: panyavesone/drive2.ru )

The traffic police explained that it would be impossible to continue driving if the service braking system, steering, coupling device (as part of a road train) malfunctioned, if the headlights and rear marker lights were not lit (absent) at night or in conditions of insufficient visibility. It will also be impossible to drive with a broken windshield wiper on the driver’s side during rain or snowfall.

Водителей начали штрафовать за новые неисправности. Полный перечень

Photo: Jochen Tack/imagebroker.com/Global Look Press

“In these cases, the movement of the vehicle is prohibited until they are eliminated,” the agency said.

According to Ilyinov, according to these explanations, cars with burning ABS bulbs, inspectors will have to be sent to impound lots. “It turns out that if the ABS light bulb is on, that’s it, the inspectors will send the car to a special parking lot. At the same time, inspectors detain the car until the violation is eliminated. But it is not very clear how to do this if she is at the impound lot. You may have to get permission to issue a car, but only with the help of a tow truck,” the expert noted.

Additional headlight on the front bumper

Sometimes motorists install additional headlights or lanterns on the front bumpers: often such tuning is carried out with hunting and fishing cars. As Ilyinov clarified, this violation is also spelled out in the list of malfunctions.

Водителей начали штрафовать за новые неисправности. Полный перечень

Photo: Zloi-Djonik/drive2.ru

In addition to a fine or warning, the driver will receive a request for elimination.

Tinted taillights

If the driver shades the lights with a film, including a colorless one, this will also be considered a violation. According to the expert, it will be considered that changes have been made to the design of the car. So, the driver will be punished for the absence, destruction and contamination of the diffusers of external lighting devices and the installation of optical elements not provided for by the design of the light device: including colorless or colored optical parts and films.

Водителей начали штрафовать за новые неисправности. Полный перечень

Tinted taillights (Photo: Gerik14RUS/drive2.ru)

The brake light or non-standard number illumination blinks

According to the list, no signal in cars should be flashing, with the exception of turn signal lights, emergency alarm lights, emergency brake lights and yellow side marker lights of the car used in conjunction with turn indicators. Drivers who choose such tuning will also be fined.

Водителей начали штрафовать за новые неисправности. Полный перечень

Some drivers sometimes install light bulbs of other colors to highlight license plates, for example, blue-red, which causes associations with special services cars. For such tuning, a fine of 500 rubles is due. (Photo: Sil74/drive2.ru)

Another violation that is in the list is the non-standard illumination of the license plate. Usually in the dark, the numbers are highlighted in white. However, as Ilyinov clarified, some drivers sometimes install light bulbs of other colors, for example, blue-red, which causes associations with special services cars. According to the document, it is prohibited to do this.

One of the windows is missing, the bolt has fallen off

Not all drivers guess, but for a trip with any missing glass, they also face a fine or a warning. The same thing happens if one of the fixing bolts has fallen off from any of the wheels, as well as with incomplete, missing or broken wipers.

Водителей начали штрафовать за новые неисправности. Полный перечень

Photo: West Coast Surfer/moodboard/Global Look Press

Problems with tires

If the car has badly worn tires, every traffic police inspector will be able to issue a fine to the driver when stopping. Such problems await the driver, even if one of the tires is damaged: there are breakdowns, through and through cuts and other defects that expose the cord. It will also be considered a violation if the tires have delaminations in the frame, breaker, side (bulges), local detachments of the tread, sidewall and sealing layer. A fine is also imposed for different tires on the same axle: we are talking here about both sizes and models. For example, it is impossible to install models with different tread patterns or frost-resistant and non-frost-resistant or new and restored or new and with an in-depth tread pattern.

Loud muffler

A faulty exhaust system, or simply put, a roaring or torn muffler is also on the list of malfunctions. To fix the problem, according to Ilyinov, inspectors are recommended to film the operation of such a device on video.

Водителей начали штрафовать за новые неисправности. Полный перечень

Subaru BRZ exhaust system (Photo: Subaru)

Seat belts with defects

Before going on the road, drivers should also check the operation of seat belts: a fine is threatened if any of the belts has a defect-a tear on the strap or the lock snaps or does not snap off, or if the strap does not stretch or does not retract into the coil.

Водителей начали штрафовать за новые неисправности. Полный перечень

Photo: RUARA/drive2.ru

Visibility and recorders

As explained in the traffic police, the provision according to which the operation of the car is prohibited if objects that restrict visibility are installed on its windshield, except for rear-view mirrors, wiper parts, external and applied or embedded radio antennas, heating elements of defrosting and dehumidification devices of the windshield has been used before. A ban on the use of a DVR, if the specified technical means does not interfere with visibility, it does not include.

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