Germany reacted to the launch of the Moskvich plant

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Германия отреагировала на запуск завода «Москвич»

Photo: Autonews.ru

The German media told about the beginning of the production of cars “Moskvich 3” at the facilities of the former Renault plant. This was written by the newspaper Der Spiegel. In the comments to the news, readers discussed the revival of the domestic brand, and also assessed how effective Western sanctions are.

The launch of the Moskvich plant became known on November 23. Then the newspaper Der Spiegel wrote the news about the opening of the company. According to RIA Novosti, the audience of the German media was not left indifferent. Users in the comments began to discuss the novelty, some of them noted the ineffectiveness of the restrictions that the West imposed on Russia. Among the readers there were also those who remember the old models of the “Muscovite” and even drove them.

«This is an unkillable, durable machine that will not let you down in heat, cold, snow, or rain », — quotes a reader’s comment «RIA Novosti».

According to the previously mentioned plans of the City Hall, 600 Moskvich crossovers will come off the assembly line by the end of the year, a third of them will receive an electric power plant. These electric models will be called Moskvich 3e.

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