Heating off-season: Turkish hotels have started to turn on water heating in outdoor pools

Heating off-season: Turkish hotels have started to turn on water heating in outdoor pools

The owners of the Akka Hotels chain were the first to announce the transition to the “winter concept” in the fall of 2023.

From October 15, vacationers at the Akka Antedon Hotel in Kemer are offered comfortable conditions to continue visiting the water park and swimming in four outdoor pools. The administration of the hotel complex turned on the water heating.

A similar decision was made at another hotel facility. In Akka Alinda, which is also in Kemer, heated water is served in the water park and in the bowls of two outdoor pools. At the same time, the management of the hotel chain announced that the “heating season” in Akka Antedon will last only until November 19. Then the repair of the number of rooms will begin, which is scheduled to be completed in mid-April 2024.

Representatives of another hotel in Kemer have already shared useful information for a potential tourist. The managers of the L’Oceanica Beach Resort Hotel promises future vacationers very comfortable conditions for recreation and, in particular, for swimming. Until the beginning of December, as the telegram channel of the hotel complex informs, the water in the outdoor pool will be heated to 27°C.

The water in the pool at the Port Nature Luxury Resort in Belek will be less warm. Nevertheless, the administration of the hotel complex is sure that swimming in an environment with a temperature of 22°C is quite comfortable. However, this option will be available to vacationers only until November 19.


Water heating in swimming pools and water parks of hotels in Turkish resorts on the Mediterranean or Aegean coast has already become the norm, the standard for providing hotel services. Those wishing to relax in this country out of season should take a closer look at the offers “All inclusive”. Will there be a point about swimming pools and water parks where heated water is supplied? 






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