In 2024, drivers will have to retake their license. Analysis of complex issues

In 2024, many drivers in Russia will have to retake their driver’s license

From April 1, 2024, in Russia, all drivers with foreign certificates must obtain a license of the domestic format. To do this, you will have to retake the theory in the traffic police. Sorting out the questions from the tickets with a trick, the State Duma adopted new rules for obtaining a driver’s license, the Law and traffic regulations On October 14, 2022, VAI inspectors appeared on the roads. What are their powers Inspection on January 27, Inspection 2023: everything drivers need to know Spare parts On June 8, it’s better not to crash into them. What the CTP policy won’t be enough for now

В 2024 году водителей ждет пересдача на права. Разбор сложных вопросов

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From April 1, 2024 in Russia, all drivers with foreign driver’s licenses must begin to receive certificates of the domestic sample. This rule applies to both Russian citizens and foreigners who have received a residence permit in Russia. The exception is the owners of Belarusian VUS: they will not need to change their rights to Russian ones.

Most drivers, in particular those who drive passenger cars and motorcycles (categories B and A), as well as tricycles and quadricycles (subcategory B1) or “weak” motorcycles with motors up to 125 (subcategory A1), will have to retake the theoretical part of the exam in Traffic police. Truck and bus drivers (categories C and D), as well as holders of the rights of subcategories C1, CE, C1E, D1, DE and D1E will need to study at a driving school, get a certificate and then pass exams in the traffic police.

Experts from driving schools advise drivers to update their knowledge of traffic rules before passing the exam: in recent years, there have been more trick questions in tickets, although the traffic rules themselves have not changed so significantly.

Twin questions in the license exam

It is easy to mislead future drivers, according to Sergey Samarin, a teacher of theoretical driver training programs at the Orenburg Driving School, A-Plus, twin questions can. As an example, he cites questions #8 in tickets 10, 14 and 22.

If we look at them, we will see three very similar pictures with the same question: “What trajectory are you allowed to make a left turn?”According to the expert, these questions test the knowledge of some of the most popular and controversial provisions in the traffic regulations of paragraphs 8.5 and 8.6.

В 2024 году водителей ждет пересдача на права. Разбор сложных вопросов

Photo: pdd-exam.ru

Paragraph 8.5 states: before turning right, left or U-turn, the driver must take the appropriate extreme position in advance on the carriageway intended for movement in this direction, except when a turn is made at the entrance to the intersection where circular traffic is organized. As Samarin notes, in each situation under consideration, it is necessary to find exactly this corresponding extreme position.

In this situation, the driver is moving on a one-way road, as indicated by the sign 5.6 “End of the one-way road” and the warning sign 1.21 “Two-way traffic”, the expert explains. This combination of signs tells the driver: on this road, the one-way traffic mode ends, in which the movement of motor vehicles across the entire width (i.e. on all lanes) is carried out only in one direction (indicated by the arrow on signs 5.5 and 5.6). But it ends only at the intersection.

“Here and now, the driver is still on a one-way road. That is, all traffic lanes are designed to move only in one direction, there is no oncoming traffic. Traffic lanes are marked with markings, according to the markings there are two of them: the extreme right and the extreme left. Therefore, before turning left, the driver must take the leftmost position in the leftmost lane in advance, as indicated on the trajectory B. The trajectory A does not meet the requirement of paragraph 8.5 of the traffic regulations, the instructor explains.

In question #8 of ticket 14, the situation is different.

В 2024 году водителей ждет пересдача на права. Разбор сложных вопросов

Photo: pdd-exam.ru

Here, as the instructor notes, the driver is moving along a two-way road, as evidenced by road signs 5.5 and 5.6. At the same time, the traffic lanes are not marked with signs or markings.

In this case, the driver, in order to determine the appropriate extreme position before turning left, according to clause 9.1 of the traffic regulations, should mentally divide the roadway in half.

As the instructor notes, the left half of the road is designed for oncoming traffic, the right half is for passing traffic. The number of traffic lanes, according to the same provision of the Rules, the driver also determines by eye: taking into account the width of the carriageway, the dimensions of vehicles and the necessary intervals between them.

«In the situation under consideration, two cars visually fit on the roadway: the definition of a “lane” in clause 1.2 requires that traffic lanes be counted precisely in cars, and not in motorcycles, notlaquo;in buses » and certainly not «in parrots », as in the famous cartoon,  — says Samarin.

Consequently, there are two traffic lanes on this road, one of which is intended for movement in the opposite direction, the other for movement in the passing direction, on which the driver is located. Paragraph 8.5 prescribes to take the appropriate extreme position on the carriageway intended for movement in this direction, but not in the opposite direction. It means that starting a turn in such a situation, according to the auto instructor, follows from the lane in which the driver is now. Actually, both of the proposed trajectories offer this.

The requirement of clause 8.6 of the Rules states: the turn must be carried out in such a way that when leaving the intersection of the carriageways, the vehicle does not end up on the side of oncoming traffic. The car instructor focuses on the fact that the sign 5.7.2 “Exit to the one-way road” is installed in front of the intersection. He informs the driver that one-way traffic is organized on the intersected road, that is, as mentioned above, on all lanes of the carriageway, mechanical vehicles move only in one direction, which the arrow on the sign 5.7.2 indicates to the driver.

“Thus, turning along any of the proposed before turning, the driver took the correct (appropriate) extreme position and performs the turn in compliance with clause 8.6, being in any case on the side of passing, not oncoming traffic,” explains Sergey Samarin.

In question no. 8 of ticket 22, the situation, according to the expert, is simple, but even here you need to remember the Rules of the road well.

В 2024 году водителей ждет пересдача на права. Разбор сложных вопросов

Photo: pdd-exam.ru

Both roads  — and the one on which the driver is moving, and the one on which he turns, — have two-way traffic, the lanes are marked with markings, the instructor analyzes the situation. Consequently, there is one lane on each road for traffic in the opposite and in the passing direction.

Thus, according to clause 8.5 of the traffic regulations, the driver took the appropriate extreme position in advance, namely, remained in the right lane, since the left one is oncoming. He turns, according to paragraph 8.6 of the traffic regulations, into the right lane, since the left is also the lane (side) of oncoming traffic. The correct answer — «Only by B», — explains Samarin.

Whose rights will cease to be valid from April 1, 2024 and after this period

First of all, the innovation will affect holders of a foreign driver’s license: they will have to get Russian certificates. To do this, you will need to pass a theoretical exam in the traffic police.

At the same time, both foreigners and Russians will have to update the document. Thus, according to the explanatory note to the amendments to the Federal Law “On Road Safety” coming into force, international driver’s licenses are recognized as invalid for driving vehicles on the territory of Russia:

  • after one year from the date of receipt or acquisition by their owner, who is (was) a foreign citizen or a stateless person, a residence permit or citizenship;
  • after one year from the date of entry for permanent residence in Russia of their owner, who is a citizen of Russia.

The following examples can be given. For example, a resident of a foreign state at the time of April 1, 2024 has already become a citizen of Russia for a year. In this case, from April 1, 2024, his driver’s license issued in another country will cease to be valid: in Russia it will be considered that he simply does not have a driver’s license.

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