Instagram Maldives – a paradise between the sky and the ocean

Инстаграмные Мальдивы – рай между небом и океаном

We bring pleasant memories, souvenirs from the trip – and, of course, photos. If you want your Instagram to become the object of envy and admiration, go to the Maldives, one of the most beautiful places on Earth.

Snow–white sand, azure ocean waters and bright tropical greenery are the perfect background for any photo.

Each resort on these paradisiacal islands is beautiful, but some of them will delight guests with a special “highlight”. They are lucky to have a magnificent, nature-arranged scene of a sand spit, the photos of which will turn out to be simply unique. Imagine — only you and the sea under the southern sky – what could be more beautiful?
Kandima Maldives 5*

Инстаграмные Мальдивы – рай между небом и океаном

It has its own unique atmosphere. Whether you come with your family, a couple in love, a group of friends, or alone – everyone will find entertainment to their liking. The program of events that go on all day, changing from interesting to even more interesting, a huge number of water activities, a diving school, a marine biological center, an art studio, culinary art lessons, a spa center, a Kandoo children’s club, 10 restaurants and bars with a menu of delicious dishes satisfying the tastes of lovers of both local and and international cuisine – all this will not leave guests time for boredom.
Kandima Maldives is a real Instagram hotel where nature harmoniously combines with the bright colors of the decor, the longest outdoor infinity pool in the Maldives is separated from the ocean by only a few palm trees, and a sand spit, like a natural podium, cuts into the azure of the water. Weddings are held here, but why not make any of your days festive and memorable?
Price from 80 500 rubles. per person with meals buffet breakfast.
Kuramathi Maldives 4*

Инстаграмные Мальдивы – рай между небом и океаном

Natural rest among flowers and greenery? This way! This hotel is famous for its amazing nature, its own coral reef – the sea from the reef looks like a real big aquarium full of life and movement. Whether you are a couple on a romantic vacation or a family looking to spend time together, Kuramachi has something for you. You can enjoy spa treatments, spend the day exploring the vibrant reefs, go on culinary adventures and much more. Many areas of the island remain untouched, inviting guests to take a leisurely stroll along deserted beaches or among virgin vegetation, and take wonderful photos for memory.
Price from 82 650 rubles. per person with full board.
Cocoon Maldives 5*

Инстаграмные Мальдивы – рай между небом и океаном

The first 5* designer hotel in the Maldives combines the best of Italian style with the stunning natural beauty of the Maldives against the backdrop of the azure Indian Ocean.Creating an empathic design space with all the amenities in which a traveler would feel welcome and experience an unforgettable experience is the concept of the luxury resort Cocoon Maldives. The guest of the hotel seems to be in a cocoon – comfort, relaxation, stunning views and excellent service.Become the main character of your dreams in Cocoon Maldives, and your Instagram photos will become a real decoration that professional travel bloggers will envy. And if you don’t want to take photos yourself, the Island Memories Hotel’s photo studio, located at the reception, invites you to a photo shoot made by a professional photographer.
Price from 85,980 rubles. per person with All-inclusive meals.
Dhigali Maldives 5*

Инстаграмные Мальдивы – рай между небом и океаном

Research + leisure is the motto of this hotel. Dhigali Maldives breathes bright colors, sea breeze, sunlight and shady greenery of tropical plants. This is a unique luxury hideaway.
The hotel is surrounded by corals and its home reef is full of colorful life. To set foot on the sands of Dhigali means to plunge into an adventure. On land, at sea or under water, you will find vivid sensations from discoveries and unforgettable views. Here, modern design is harmoniously combined with breathtaking landscapes. A lush tropical garden, an infinity pool or a sand spit stretching among the gentle waves – what is worthy to become your frame in the photo? It’s up to you!
Price from 169 450 rubles. per person with All-inclusive meals.
LUX* South Ari Atoll 5*

Инстаграмные Мальдивы – рай между небом и океаном

A luxury resort where your fantasy of paradise will become true. You will ride a bike on the pier, swim next to whale sharks, relax in your bungalow on stilts, dine at any of the eight restaurants, dance all night long. If you dreamed of the life of Robinson Crusoe on a remote tropical island, but full of luxury and comfort, you have come to the right place.The fresh, new, modern design of world-class villas and restaurants makes LUX * South Ari Atoll one of the most exciting resorts in the Maldives. Guests are attracted here not only by the service, or a 5-star diving center, but also by a lot of original little things – for example, an open-air cinema, a master class on coffee preparation, a quest “Message in a bottle” and even their own stargazer.
Price from 115 350 rubles. per person with meals buffet breakfast.The Maldives are 1,900 islands washed by the warm and clear waters of the Indian Ocean. You will definitely discover an island that will be perfect for you. And, looking through the vacation photos once again, you will remember how you rested in the earthly paradise.

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