It’s better not to crash into them. What will the CTP policy not be enough for now

A list of auto parts has been compiled that are more expensive than the CTP limit of 400 thousand rubles.

The maximum amount of the CTP payment is 400 thousand rubles. In the new price realities, this may not even be enough to replace the rear bumper or one headlight

В них лучше не врезаться. На что теперь не хватит полиса ОСАГО

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In Russia, the risks for the perpetrators of car accidents have increased significantly, even if they have valid CTP policies. This is due to the increase in the cost of body parts for many cars. One part requiring replacement, such as a headlight or bumper, can already cost more than 400 thousand rubles, and this is above the CTP payment limit. The culprit of the accident has to pay the difference.

«Lapped » for 580 thousand rubles

It was possible to get acquainted with one of these cases on condition of anonymity Autonews.ru . The driver, in his own words, «lapped » expensive crossover premium brand. The bumper trim, the hearse, the footrest and the wheel were damaged. Previously, the insurance cost of repairs was estimated at 200 thousand rubles, but in the end it amounted to 580 thousand rubles, of which more than 560 thousand rubles were for spare parts.

The victim’s insurance company paid for the repairs. 400 thousand rubles, and this is the maximum amount stipulated by law, were paid under the CTP. The remaining 180 thousand rubles were demanded by the insurance company from the culprit of a small accident.

Note that we are not talking about a luxury car like Bentley Bentayga, Rolls-Royce Cullinan or Lamborghini Urus, but about a much more massive crossover, which is regularly found on the roads.

Autonews.ru contacted the service Drom.ru I followed the current prices for body parts and made sure that the cost of even single parts can exceed 400 thousand rubles, which are paid by the insurance company under the CTP policy. So, for example, most often the insurance has to change the rear bumper  — this is a consequence of a classic accident due to inattention in traffic. The cost of such a part for Range Rover or BMW X7 SUVs is approaching 500 thousand rubles. At the same time, in addition to the bumper, the taillights may also suffer, not to mention the fifth door. Their cost can also be measured in hundreds of thousands of rubles.

Cars with the most expensive spare parts

Spare part Model Price, rub. Taillights Audi A8 312 000 — 458 000 Lexus LX600 105 000 — 189 000 Cadillac Escalade 151 000 — 250 000 Audi Q8 103 000 — 325 000 Ford Explorer 75 000  124 000 BMW X7 (G07) 160 000  635 000 BMW 5-Series (G30/G31/G38) 178 000 — 527 000 Land Rover Range Rover (L405/L460) 116 000  611 000 Jaguar E-Pace 115 000 — 431 000 Lexus LX 600 307 000 — 508 000 Rear Bumper Porsche Cayenne Turbo 78 000 — 92 000 BMW X7 (G07) 360 000 — 492 000 BMW 7-Series (G11/G12) 82 000 — 188 000 BMW X6 (G06) 159 000 — 180 000 Land Rover Range Rover (L405) 178 000 — 459 000 Front Bumper Mercedes-Benz E-Class AMG V (W213) 95 000 — 130 000 Porsche Panamera 115 000 — 146 000 BMW 7-Series (G11/G12) 130 000 Mercedes-Benz GLE-Class (C292) 88 000  249 000 Volkswagen Touareg (CR7) 146 000 Lexus LX570 80 Radiator grille000 — 318 000 Toyota Land Cruiser 70 000 — 305 000 Land Rover Range Rover (L405) 73 000 — 241 000 Jaguar XE 47 000 — 213 000 Cadillac Escalade 94 000 123 000

In Drom.ru it is noted that in recent months, the cost of body parts, the prices of which rose sharply in 2022, began to decline. This is due to the development of parallel imports and the fall in the cost of those parts, the high prices for which were caused solely by a shortage.

Individual items have fallen in price by 10-30%, but it all depends on the specific spare parts and there are reverse examples of price increases, according to the Drom.ru .

How is the CTP repair being carried out now

The insurance company pays the cost of spare parts in accordance with the directories of the Russian Union of Motor Insurers (RSA), which are regularly updated. The current version of the reference books was adopted on March 19, 2023, however, in the RSA, in May, they began discussing its change.

As told Autonews.ru Ilya Plisov, a member of the board of the Russian Union of Car Services, the money that insurers pay for CTP is not enough to repair a car using new original parts. Accordingly, either the client agrees to use non-original or second-hand parts, or they refuse to repair him.

В них лучше не врезаться. На что теперь не хватит полиса ОСАГО

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«If the customer does not agree to unoriginal or used spare parts, the service refuses to repair and sends it back to the insurance company. If the insurance company no longer has contracts with other service stations in this region, then the client will inevitably receive compensation for CTP in money,” says Plisov.

His thesis that CTP payments do not cover the cost of original spare parts, Plisov backed up with the cost of parts for the premium BMW X5 crossover. At the same time, the amount paid by insurance companies is enough to use a used spare part or an unoriginal analogue.

The cost of body parts for BMW X5 2019. Company data «EuroAuto» as of 31.05.2023

Original spare part, rub. Analog, rub. Used, rub. In the RSA catalog, rub. Left headlight 708 676 missing 209 662 350 209 Right headlight 678 052 missing 209 662 350 141 Hood 169 103 missing 115 000 130 146 Bumper 163 087 missing 51 136 127 427 Front left wing 113 375 missing 50 000 57 931 Front right wing 142 645 missing 50 000 57 931 Windshield 158 698 missing 34 000 66 931 Fog lamp left 38 183 11 986 11 499 15 087 Fog lamp right 38 183 11 986 11 433 15 087

A similar picture develops when repairing not only premium cars, but also cars of the mass segment with the difference that their headlight alone will not cost 700 thousand rubles. Nevertheless, the consequences of a frontal impact at low speed for Skoda Octavia, requiring replacement of the bumper, headlights, hood and wings, will no longer meet the limit of 400 thousand rubles. subject to the use of original parts.

The cost of body parts for Skoda Octavia 2016. Company data «EuroAuto» as of 05/23/2023

Original spare part, rub. Analog, rub. Used, rub. In the RSA catalog, rub. Left headlight 131 051 45 210 32 990 42 804 Right headlight 82 872 44 950 32 990 60 212 Hood 53 676 17 144 44 774 22 131 Bumper and front grille 20 427 6 438 11 826 8252 Front left wing 23 852 7990 23 318 11 333 Front right wing 23 852 6290 16 925 7&260 Windshield 45 788 14 800 42 124 13 735 Fog lamp left 18 810 4220 3749 4053 Fog lamp right 16 049 4970 5417 2896

According to Plisov, this does not mean that car services completely refuse to repair CTP.

“The main part of insurance companies’ contracts was terminated with official dealer services. At the moment they lost access to warehouses, and there were no large number of contracts with free distributors at that time. Now everything is coming back, I admit that the reverse wave has already begun to restore the number of HUNDRED with contracts,” the expert says.

You will have to pay even for an insured car

If 400 thousand rubles paid by the insurance company for CTP is not enough for repairs, the victim has the right to demand the difference from the culprit of the accident. This right is fixed in the ruling of the Supreme Court of July 26, 2022.

At the same time, if the victim’s car is insured under a hard hat, then the insurance company will pay the cost of repairs, and then demand the missing amount from the culprit. According to Plisov, the courts in such cases almost always side with insurance companies.

В них лучше не врезаться. На что теперь не хватит полиса ОСАГО

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Nevertheless, the RSA notes that situations when the limit of 400 thousand rubles is exceeded are rare. So, in April, the average amount of payments to victims of CTP amounted to 86.5 thousand rubles, and it decreased by 1% compared to May.

For those who are afraid of becoming the culprit of an accident with an amount of damage exceeding 400 thousand rubles, insurers traditionally recommend issuing additional voluntary insurance policies. Their cost, as a rule, is small, but since such a service does not fall under the CTP rules, there may be nuances in voluntary insurance contracts.

In particular, the limit of payments under such policies can be summed up for all insured events that occurred due to the fault of the client of the insurance company during the period of validity of the contract. In the case of CTP, the limit of 400 thousand rubles applies to each accident separately and, in theory, the insurance company can pay significantly more than this amount for the duration of the policy.

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