Kia has raised the prices of cars in Russia

Prices for Kia cars have increased in Russia

Kia has decided to rewrite the price lists for the Cerato sedan, as well as Soul and Seltos crossovers

Kia подняла цены на автомобили в России

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Korean Kia has changed the prices of a number of its cars in Russia, the correspondent found out Autonews.ru after reviewing the prices on the official website. Prior to that, the company had not changed price lists for models on our market for more than a year. At the same time, the company’s activities in Russia are currently suspended.

So, the recommended retail price has increased for the Cerato sedan. Now this model on the official website costs at least 2 159 900 rubles. In September 2022, the car was offered for 2 054 900 rubles. Previously, this model was assembled at the Avtotor plant in Kaliningrad. Now the production of models of the Korean brand at this enterprise has been completed. Finding a Russian-built Cerato from dealers will be quite a difficult task.

Kia Soul crossover, which a year ago cost 1 829 900 rubles, is now offered for 1 934 900 rubles. However, even for such money, it is impossible to find a car in car dealerships. Some dealers still have “official cars”, but only in top-end configurations. Their prices significantly exceed 2 million rubles.

Also, the cost adjustment on the official website affected the popular crossover Seltos. The price for the model is 2 064 900 rubles. A year ago, the parquet on the site cost at least 1 959 900 rubles. In car dealerships with Seltos, the same situation has developed as with Soul. Now you can only find top-end versions of the car from sellers for completely different money.

According to the Association of European Businesses, Kia was able to sell 909 cars on the Russian market in August. This figure is 77% lower than the figures for the same period last year. Then official dealerships sold 4004 new cars of the Korean brand.

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