Mitsubishi driver complained about fines for someone else’s car

The owner of Mitsubishi Outlander received fines for the driver on Haval Jolion

A motorist on a Mitsubishi Outlander received fines for a person on Haval Jolion while resting at sea, which means a high-alert mode for drivers: who exactly will be checked for Spare parts On June 8, it is better not to crash into them. What the CTP insurance policy will not be enough for now, Inspection on January 27, Inspection 2023: everything LADA drivers need to know on June 11, “The situation is unacceptable.” AvtoVAZ admitted dealers overstating prices for Vesta

Водитель Mitsubishi пожаловался на штрафы за чужой автомобиль

Photo: ru_vederko/VK

The driver complained about the fines, which, in his opinion, were received for another car. He told about his problem in the group “Blue buckets” in the social network “VKontakte”.

According to the owner of the Mitsubishi Outlander crossover, he received fines for the driver Haval Jolion, who had a similar license plate, differing by one letter. At the same time, at the time of receiving the fines, the Mitsubishi driver was on vacation at sea.

Also, the motorist assures that no photo was attached to the notification of the fine. And there was no decree on the fine on the websites of the traffic police and the AMPP.

The driver of the Mitsubishi Outlander noted that an alarm system with GPS is installed on his car, which can be used to track all the movements of the car. The motorist successfully appealed the fine.

In a conversation with a correspondent Autonews.ru lawyer Mikhail Nikitin noted that there was an error in the identification of the vehicle, and the inspector made a decision without making sure that the state registration plates were in compliance.

Autonews.ru I applied for comments to the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Moscow, at the time of publication of the article they were not received.

Earlier Autonews.ru I reported a similar situation that occurred with the owner of Kia Ceed. He received a fine for Daewoo Matiz from St. Petersburg, where the Kia driver has never been.

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