“Moskvich” on gas and rising prices for Lada Granta. The most important news of the week

Lada Granta will cost from 699.9 thousand rubles, and Moskvich will run on gas

UAZ began production of a new “loaf”, Toyota factories stopped due to a computer failure, new Chinese models began to be sold in Russia, and Volkswagen introduced the new Passat

«Москвич» на газу и рост цен на Lada Granta. Самые важные новости недели

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Under the «Moskvich» release the car on gas

Company «Moskvich» plans to release a car on gas motor fuel  — methane. A representative of the automobile plant told Autonews.ru about this. Details about the project are being kept under wraps for now. The car is expected to premiere soon.

«Москвич» на газу и рост цен на Lada Granta. Самые важные новости недели

Car «Moskvich 3» (Photo: & nbsp; “Moskvich”)

In addition,  automobile plant «Moskvich» plans to release two new models in 2024. As the general director of the plant Hans-Peter Moser stated at the IMAF forum, the models will be called «Moskvich-5» and «Moskvich-8». Details about these models are not yet available. By 2025, it is expected to introduce two more new items under the «Moskvich» brand. But now even their names are unknown.

Price increase for Lada Granta

The most affordable car on the Russian market — Lada Granta — added in price. We are talking about models in the bodies sedan and liftback. In the first case, the car, which cost 692.3 thousand rubles, lost its Classic 22 configuration. Now the cheapest version is the Standard version for 699.9 thousand rubles. The cost of the Classic 23 configuration has also increased. Instead of 774.9 thousand rubles. it now costs 784.9 thousand rubles. The Classic 23 version with air conditioning has risen in price from 825.9 thousand to 865.9 thousand rubles. Also for 40 thousand rubles. increased prices for Comfort 23 (up to 895.9 thousand rubles), Club 23 (up to 935.9 thousand rubles), Comfort 23 with a 106-horsepower engine (up to 925.9 thousand rubles) and Club 23 with a 106-horsepower engine (up to 965.9 thousand rubles).

«Москвич» на газу и рост цен на Lada Granta. Самые важные новости недели

Lada Granta Cross (Photo:  AvtoVAZ)

Lada Granta has risen in price and in the back of a liftback. So, the Classic 22 version for 722.3 thousand rubles disappeared from the list of configurations. The cheapest version is now Classic for 768.9 thousand rubles. In addition, 40 thousand rubles. the prices for Classic 23 with air conditioning (up to 895.9 thousand rubles), Comfort 23 (up to 925.9 thousand rubles), Club 23 (up to 965.9 thousand rubles), Comfort 23 with a 106-horsepower engine have risen in price (up to 955.9 thousand rubles) and Club 23 with a 106-horsepower engine (up to 995.9 thousand rubles).

UAZ launched production of a new version of «loaf»

UAZ began mass production of a special version of the «loaf», dedicated to the 65th anniversary of the model. This version differs from the usual van in new bright colors (green and yellow). The list of equipment includes: a winch, power bumpers, a bull bar, an expeditionary trunk and a high-capacity battery.

«Москвич» на газу и рост цен на Lada Granta. Самые важные новости недели

UAZ SGR (Photo:  UAZ)

The specifications of the model have not changed. UAZ SGR is equipped with a 2.7-liter naturally aspirated engine ZMZ-40911.10 with a capacity of 112 hp. and 198 Nm of torque. The motor works in conjunction with a five-speed manual transmission from the Chinese company BAIC. Price — minimum 1 625 000 rub.

Chinese crossovers Kaiyi X3 and X3 Pro started to be produced in Kaliningrad

Domestic «Avtotor» began production at a plant in Kaliningrad assembling crossovers Kaiyi X3 and X3 Pro. At the initial stage, the assembly is carried out on the basis of a welded and painted body with partial localization of components. In the future, it is planned to switch to a full production cycle.

«Москвич» на газу и рост цен на Lada Granta. Самые важные новости недели

Production at the «Avtotor» (Photo:  Avtotor)

The front-wheel drive crossover Kaiyi X3 is built on the same platform as the Chery Tiggo 4 SUV, but differs from it in size and appearance. The car is equipped with a non-alternative 1.5-liter naturally aspirated engine with a capacity of 113 hp, which works in conjunction with a CVT. Kaiyi X3 Pro differs from the standard X3 in front design and richer equipment. The car is equipped with a 1.5-liter turbo engine with a capacity of 147 hp, working with a stepless variator.

In Japan, a malfunction paralyzed the work of all Toyota plants

Toyota was forced to close all assembly plants in Japan on August 29th. A total of 14 plants have stopped conveyors, Kyodo reports. According to the agency, the shutdown of factories is due to a failure in computer systems. What caused it has not yet been clarified. However, according to a representative of the Japanese company, most likely the failure was not caused by a hacker attack. Incident investigation continues.

«Москвич» на газу и рост цен на Lada Granta. Самые важные новости недели

Toyota brand logo (Photo:  Toyota)

The concern was able to resume the production of Toyota and Lexus cars at the factories on August 30. In February last year, the Japanese company was also forced to shut down all of its factories in Japan. Then it was associated with «alleged cyberattacks» one of the largest component suppliers. Moreover, a number of foreign publications specified that the hacker attack followed after Japan joined the sanctions against Russia. However, the local authorities ended up not linking the two events.

An updated crossover Chery Tiggo 8 Pro Max appeared in Russia

Chery announced the start of Russian sales of the updated Tiggo 8 Pro Max crossover. The restyled model can be purchased in two trim levels: Dreamline and Ultimate. You will have to pay 4 459 900 and 4 650 900 rubles for the car. respectively. After the update program, the car has changed externally — got a new grille and different optics.

«Москвич» на газу и рост цен на Lada Granta. Самые важные новости недели

Chery Tiggo 8 Pro Max (Photo: Chery)

The list of crossover options includes: 12.3-inch screens of a multimedia system and a virtual dashboard combined into a single unit, a projection display, a surround view system and ten speakers of an audio system. Chery Tiggo 8 Pro Max is equipped with a two-liter turbo engine with 197 hp. and 375 Nm of torque, which works in conjunction with a seven-speed «robot». Acceleration to the first hundred takes 8.4 s. Maximum Speed — 210 km/h Drive full.

Changan launches Russian sales of rival Toyota Camry

The Chinese company Changan has started selling its flagship sedan called Lamore in Russia. Car prices start from 2 789 900 rubles. The competitors of the model are Toyota Camry and Chery Arizzo 8. The car is offered in our market with a non-alternative turbocharged engine with a volume of 1.5 liters and a power of 166 hp. The unit is paired with a seven-speed robotic gearbox with two clutches. The maximum speed of the machine reaches 200km/h

«Москвич» на газу и рост цен на Lada Granta. Самые важные новости недели

Changan Lamore (Photo:  Changan)

In the interior of Changan Lamore, a 10-inch digital instrument panel, a 13.2-inch multimedia touchscreen and a six-speaker audio system are installed. Also on the list of options: intelligent cruise control, driver fatigue monitoring system, rear-view camera, light sensors, rain and tire pressure sensors, as well as a forward collision warning function.

Volkswagen introduced a new station wagon Passat

Volkswagen introduced the new, ninth generation Passat, which was developed by the Czech Skoda. The release of the model was launched at a plant in Slovakia, where the platform Superb is also produced. Now you can buy a car only in the station wagon. After the change of generations, the car has seriously changed externally and internally, and also moved to the MQB Evo platform (it is used by the new Tiguan).

«Москвич» на газу и рост цен на Lada Granta. Самые важные новости недели

Volkswagen Passat (Photo: Volkswagen)

The range of engines includes three turbodiesel engines with power from 122 to 193 hp. Also, customers will be offered two 2-liter gasoline units with a return of 204 and 265 hp. In addition, the new Passat is offered in the «soft» hybrid with 1.5 engine and electric superstructure. The power of such a car — 150 HP Finally, the new Passat has two hybrid modifications with recharging function (204 or 272 hp).

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