Moskvich revealed the number of cars sold in August

Moskvich revealed the number of cars sold in August

In August, Moskvich sold 1,510 cars against 2,132 cars in July

«Москвич» раскрыл количество проданных в августе автомобилей

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In August, Moskvich sold 1,510 cars. About this to the correspondent Autonews.ru told in the press service of the domestic brand.

At the same time, the company clarified that 1,350 Moskvich models were registered last month. For example, in July «Moskvich» sold 2132 cars (1700 copies were registered). Also last month there was a serious rise in the price of cars “Moskvich” (from 300 thousand to 370 thousand rubles).

So far, the model range of the plant consists of two crossovers: a gasoline Moskvich 3 and an electric Moskvich 3e. The first is equipped with a 1.5-liter turbo engine with a capacity of 150 hp and can be equipped with both six-speed mechanics and a variator. The price of the model varies from 2 220 000 to 2 478 000 rubles.

Soon they will be joined by a new liftback  — «Moskvich 6». Production of this model started at the factory in Moscow. It is expected that sales of new items will begin before the end of October. “Moskvich 6” is a reshaped Chinese Sehol A5 Plus, which is produced by a subsidiary of JAC. Externally, the cars differ only in logos.

Earlier, the Moskvich automobile Plant announced plans to release two new models in 2024. According to the general director of the plant Hans-Peter Moser, the models will be called “Moskvich 5” and “Moskvich 8”. There are no details about them yet. Later it is planned to release two more new items under the brand “Moskvich”. But now even their names are unknown.

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