New fines and Lada with an improved engine. 7 important changes from September 1

From September 1, drivers will be fined for registrars and ABS problems

New traffic police fines, restrictions for taxi drivers and increased prices for Lada due to the expansion of the range of engines: what will change for drivers from September 1

Новые штрафы и Lada с улучшенным мотором. 7 важных изменений с 1 сентября

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From September 1, 2023, many changes will occur in the lives of motorists again. Autonews.ru I have compiled a list of the main events and new fines that every driver should know about.

Penalty for registrars and phone holders on the windshield

From September 1, an updated list of malfunctions from the Ministry of Internal Affairs will start working, in which the operation of cars is prohibited.

Drivers who have left in cars with such shortcomings face fines of 500 rubles., and in some cases – and sending the car to a special parking lot until violations are eliminated. One of the most discussed changes among motorists was the point in the regulations that registrars should not be hung on windshields if they block the visibility of the driver. Such a norm, even before the changes, had long been prescribed in the technical regulations. For this reason, for example, it was impossible to pass technical inspection with such devices. But inspectors could not fine for the installation of such devices — there was simply no such norm in the legislation.

As noted in an interview with Autonews.ru lawyer Areg Oganesyan, according to paragraph 3 of Chapter 7 of the annex to the traffic Regulations, it is prohibited to operate a vehicle if additional items are installed on it that restrict visibility from the driver’s seat. Usually drivers install a DVR in the center of the windshield to make it easier to connect it to the charger. However, such a harmless action, he warned, could result in an administrative fine for the car owner.

In order to properly secure the registrar, Ogenesyan gave an example from the technical regulations. Thus, the DVR cannot be mounted in zones “A”, “B” and within the plane “N”. The best solution would be to install the recorder in the upper corner on the right or left. There it will not obstruct the driver’s view.

Новые штрафы и Lada с улучшенным мотором. 7 важных изменений с 1 сентября

“If the traffic police inspector finds that the registrar really interferes with the driver’s review, the driver may to bring to administrative responsibility. The punishment for such a violation is provided for in Part 1 of Article 12.5 of the Administrative Code of the Russian Federation in the form of a warning or an administrative fine in the amount of 500 rubles., the lawyer said.

According to him, when issuing a fine, one of the problems is that such a violation is most often subjective.

“After all, each driver has their own physical characteristics, seat settings and, accordingly, the viewing angle. If the traffic police inspector believes that the DVR is installed in violation and interferes with the driver’s review, you should ask the employee to issue you a warning. If the driver was still issued an administrative fine, then you can appeal it in court for insignificance (Article 2.9 of the Administrative Code of the Russian Federation), indicating that the registrar not only did not interfere with your review, but was installed on the car solely for the purpose of improving road safety. lawyer.

At the same time, if the registrar is installed in the upper corner of the windshield and does not interfere with the view, then the lawyer advises to draw the attention of the traffic police inspector to this, and when receiving a fine, be sure to photograph its location at the time of the stop.

Новые штрафы и Lada с улучшенным мотором. 7 важных изменений с 1 сентября


The lawyer also noted that no unambiguous judicial practice on such violations has yet been formed. The fact is that not every driver is ready to go to court because of a fine of 500 rubles, which can be paid with a 50% discount. He also suggested that most drivers get off with a warning and voluntarily move the recorder to the right place.

Unseasonable tires

Also, as explained Autronews.ru In response to the request, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia will make changes that will establish a uniform approach for the entire territory of Russia to limit the use of tires “out of season”. For example, in summer (from June to August) it is forbidden to use studded winter tires, and in winter (from December to February) — summer. At the same time, the ban on the use of summer tires in winter applies only to passenger cars and small trucks (up to 3.5 tons).

According to the head of the National Union of Motorists (NAS) Anton Shaparin, drivers in Russia sometimes do not change tires depending on the season, which increases the risk of getting into an accident. So, as explained in the capital’s traffic police, summer tires are tougher than winter tires. When the temperature drops, the tires harden and cease to provide good traction. This can lead to skidding and accidents. Conversely, in warm weather, winter tires quickly wear off the tread. And at high speed, due to overheating, tires can burst right on the move. In addition to safety concerns, such restrictions should protect the road surface from wear, which is erased faster when traveling on spikes in summer.

Новые штрафы и Lada с улучшенным мотором. 7 важных изменений с 1 сентября

Photo: Mikhail Tereshchenko/TASS

The appearance of responsibility for such a violation has long been asked by road workers for this reason. At the same time, as explained by the specialist of the European legal service Orest Matsala, drivers on the wrong tires will face fines every time they meet with a traffic police inspector, conditionally, you can get it at least ten times a day.

“Article 12.5 of the Administrative Code of the Russian Federation provides for responsibility for the management of a vehicle with malfunctions. Therefore, a fine can be imposed for each fact of the movement of the car. The inspector stopped — issued a fine. The driver started off in a car, and this the inspector can then add another such fine, since this is a new violation, and not a continuing action, — gave the example of Matsala.

Anti-lock braking system malfunction

Punishment will follow for a faulty Anti-lock braking System (ABS). As explained in the Ministry of Internal Affairs, it is an integral part of the working braking system, on the serviceability of which the safety of the vehicle depends.

«The malfunction of this system is detected using a light indicator for monitoring the working condition of the ABS. At the same time, if the ABS is not provided by the manufacturer of the car, retrofitting with such a system is not required,” the department noted.

Новые штрафы и Lada с улучшенным мотором. 7 важных изменений с 1 сентября

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Leakage of power steering fluid

In the list of changes, for which inspectors will now be able to fine, there is a leak of working fluid in the hydraulic system of the power steering. According to the document, employees will identify this malfunction by the organoleptic method, that is, visually. They will look for traces of working fluid in the hydraulic system of the power steering system that are not related to the maintenance of the vehicle.

Taxi drivers with more than three traffic police fines will not be able to take orders

From September 1, stricter regulations on passenger taxi transportation will also start working.

Among the changes:

  • each region must create registers for carriers, taxis and taxi ordering services;
  • a taxi driver will not be able to take an order without a permit in the register of carriers and information about the car in the taxi register. Control will be assigned to taxi ordering services;
  • if the driver has more than three unpaid traffic police fines, he will not be able to take orders; if the driver does not pass the certification to know where schools, hospitals, train stations, various sports facilities are located, he will not be able to take orders;
  • drivers will be banned from driving a taxi if theyrepeatedly deprived of rights and (or) arrested for traffic violations;
  • drivers will also be banned from driving a taxi if they have an outstanding or outstanding criminal record for committing a number of crimes or are being prosecuted under the Criminal Code for such acts.

Новые штрафы и Lada с улучшенным мотором. 7 важных изменений с 1 сентября

Photo: Petrov Sergey/news.ru/Global Look Press

In addition, according to the changes in the taxi law, drivers will be banned from working more than 12 hours a day, and individuals-self-employed for more than ten. publication.pravo.gov.ru/document/0001202306020057

AvtoVAZ will return cars with Euro-5 engines

Plans to resume production of cars with engines that comply with Euro-5 environmental standards from September 1, 2023 were reported in the press service of AvtoVAZ. The first model to receive more environmentally friendly engines will be Lada Granta. It will be offered engines with a capacity of 90 and 106 hp. At the same time, cars with such engines will become more expensive. For example, Lada Granta in the basic version of Comfort will cost 784.9 thousand rubles, which is 49 thousand rubles more expensive than the version with the Euro-2 engine, which is now offered for 735.9 thousand rubles.

Draft dodgers will begin to freeze their rights this fall

In the autumn, as expected, restrictions for evading drivers will begin to apply. While the exact date in the relevant departments is not called. The new procedure for restricting driver’s licenses for evaders began to take effect on July 11, 2023. According to him, a citizen has 20 calendar days to appear from the day indicated in the agenda. After that, the military commissars have now been given the opportunity to adopt various time restrictions on such evaders. According to changes in the legislation, drivers, in particular, face:

  • restriction on the use of the right to drive vehicles;
  • prohibition on state registration of vehicles.

Such restrictions should take effect a day after the delay. The restriction will be lifted when you appear at the military enlistment office or if you prove that the driver is not obliged to be there.

Новые штрафы и Lada с улучшенным мотором. 7 важных изменений с 1 сентября

Photo: Autonews.ru

But the norm will not work in practice until a unified register of information about citizens who are subject to military registration, who are on it and are obliged to be, but are not. As I clarified earlier in an interview with Autonews.ru the head of the community «Overheard at the traffic police » Valentin Ilyinov, before the launch of the corresponding register, where there will be data, including about drivers with rights frozen due to non-appearance at the military enlistment office, the traffic police simply will not have access to this data in electronic form.

Earlier, the Ministry of Finance reported that the register of those liable for military service will work by the autumn draft. It usually takes place from October 1 to December 31.

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