New Lada Vesta NG: first impressions and video review

What kind of headlights she has, how the engines have changed and what will happen to the prices — we feel the new Lada Vesta right on the conveyor in Izhevsk, VAI inspectors appeared on the roads. What powers do they have Fines on December 19, 2022 New fines in 2023: what changes are waiting for drivers. The Law and Traffic Regulations table On June 9, a traffic police inspector found a drone in the car. What does the Law and traffic regulations threaten the driver for this on October 21, 2022, What does high alert mode mean for drivers: who exactly will be tested by Test drives, reviews, interviews – watch this and much more on our Youtube channel

At AVTOVAZ, the updated Lada Vesta NG is called the Vesta of the new generation, but we hardly agree with this statement. She has the same body with exactly the same power structure and the old line of power units.

Although there are enough innovations too. The Lada flagship received an updated exterior with fully diode headlights, as well as an advanced media system and a fully digital dashboard.

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