Nissan has confirmed its waiver of warranty obligations in Russia

Nissan confirmed AvtoVAZ’s responsibility for car breakdowns in Russia

The Japanese automaker withdrew from the Russian market, transferring its assets to AvtoVAZ. Nissan confirmed that all questions about warranty repairs should also be sent to the Russian company with new fines in 2023: what changes are waiting for drivers. Table Law and Traffic Regulations October 21, 2022 What does high alert mode mean for drivers: who exactly will be checked by LADA on June 11, “The situation is unacceptable.” AvtoVAZ admitted that dealers overestimated prices for Vesta Law and traffic regulations on July 3, Stopping under the sign “Parking is prohibited”: in what situations is this permissible

Nissan подтвердил свой отказ от гарантийных обязательств в России

Nissan Terrano (Photo:Vyacheslav Krylov)

Nissan no longer bears warranty obligations to the owners of their cars in Russia, they said Autonews.ru in a Japanese concern. All questions related to the repair of cars should be addressed to AvtoVAZ.

“We confirm that AvtoVAZ is fully responsible for the warranty on all cars sold in Russia. They are obliged to carry out any warranty repairs before the expiration of the warranty period,” the press service of the Nissan global office said in a comment.

Request from Autonews.ru it was sent in connection with an appeal to the editorial office of a reader who was faced with the problem of repairing a Nissan car under warranty. He saved a recording of a conversation with a representative of the service, in which the latter complained about the difficulties with the subsequent receipt of repair compensation from AVTOVAZ. Interviewees Autonews.ru dealers on condition of anonymity confirmed that such difficulties really exist.

The press service of AVTOVAZ promised to comment after the complaint about the service is registered by the Nissan hotline. They, however, stated that they accept complaints only in writing by mail to the address of the representative office in St. Petersburg.

Due to the insignificance of the breakdown and the need for its prompt elimination, the reader did it at his own expense.

Read more about the situation with the Nissan warranty repair in the material Autonews.ru .

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