One of the creators of VAZ-2101 died at the age of 85

One of the creators of the “penny” Dmitry Avdesnyak died at the age of 85

Dmitry Avdesnyak, one of the developers of the domestic VAZ-2101 sedan, has died. It was he who was responsible for making changes to the design of the Italian prototype Fiat 124, it is better not to crash into them. What the CTP policy will not be enough for now Fines on December 19, 2022 New fines in 2023: what changes are waiting for drivers. Technical Inspection table January 27, Technical Inspection 2023: everything drivers need to know about the Law and traffic regulations On June 9, a traffic police inspector found a drone in the car. What does the driver face for this

Один из создателей ВАЗ-2101 умер в возрасте 85 лет

Dmitry Avdesnyak (Photo: you_love_samara/VK)

One of the creators of the domestic VAZ-2101 Dmitry Avdesnyak has died, according to the telegram channels “Togliatti 24” and Mash.

The veteran of AVTOVAZ was 85 years old, he did not live to see his birthday one day.

Avdesnyak started working as a GAS technologist, and with the launch of AVTOVAZ he moved to Togliatti. It was he who was responsible for the technical changes that were made to the Fiat 124 and eventually turned the Italian prototype into the VAZ-2101.

The legendary car has undergone many upgrades, and its heirs were produced until 2014 (the last copies were collected in Egypt from Togliatti car kits). In total, about 18 million Lada cars of the classic family were produced.

For the last 20 years, Avdesnyak has worked at the plant as a deputy chief engineer for production preparation. He retired in 2000.

In February, at the 97th year of his life, one of the developers of the UAZ-450 family of cars (“loaf”) died Egor Varchenko.

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