SIM Group of Companies about Jetour: “The company is confident in the reliability of machines”

A new player has appeared on the Russian car market – the Jetour company. Autonews.ru I talked with Andrey Zhidkov, General Director of the dealership of the SIM Group of Companies, about the warranty, cost and model range of new products New fines in 2023: what changes are waiting for drivers. Table Law and traffic regulations On June 9, a traffic police inspector found a drone in the car. On June 27, the State Duma adopted new rules for obtaining a LADA driver’s license on June 11, “The situation is unacceptable.” AvtoVAZ admitted dealers overstating prices for Vesta

Группа компаний «СИМ» о Jetour: «Компания уверена в надежности машин»

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A new strong player has entered the Russian car market — Jetour company. What kind of cars it produces, how much they cost and what kind of warranty is given for them. About this Autonews.ru I talked with the General director of the dealership of the Group of companies “SIM” Andrey Zhidkov.

Jetour is a new player in the Russian market. What kind of company is this?

—Jetour («Jetour»)This is a relatively young company not only for Russia, but also for China, which was founded in 2018.

According to one version, the brand name Jetour is a combination of two words. The first part is Jet, which can be translated as “jet plane”, and the word Tour means “journey”. And this implies that traveling by car can be as pleasant and exceptionally comfortable as flying on a private plane. And the slogan of the brand sounds like Drive Your Future—«Manage your future ».

—Why has the Jetour brand become interesting for the Group of companies «SIM »?

—We have been selling cars for a long time — since 1992. That is, the company has been around for more than 30 years. At the moment, the Group of companies “SIM” is represented in four cities: Moscow, Yaroslavl, Rybinsk and Saratov, and the brand has 13 brands in its portfolio. Some, however, announced their withdrawal from the Russian market. And our customers came to us and asked — what should they buy now?

That’s why we started looking for new reliable partners. And we paid attention to the Jetour brand, which decided to enter the Russian market. We applied to Jetour, passed the inspection, which was very serious, and got a dealership.

Jetour cars are modern models created for people who love freedom and travel. This philosophy is very close to the Group of Companies «SIM».

— In which countries are Jetour brand cars still sold?

—Jetour has been developing very dynamically from the very beginning. Just 5 years after the opening, the brand has already sold 700 thousand cars, and in 2022 the brand became the second fastest growing exporter in China. Now Jetour is already represented in the Middle East, Central Asia, Latin America, including such a large market as Mexico, the brand’s positions are also strong in the Pacific region. Well, since 2023, Russia is also being added.

—What cars are there in the Jetour range?

— The brand itself associates itself with travel, and travel is different: around the city, across the vast expanses of the country, off-road. The entire range of the brand can be divided into three directions: family trips, urban and off-road. It is assumed that each of these large directions will have several models, including those with hybrid power plants and electric drive.

Группа компаний «СИМ» о Jetour: «Компания уверена в надежности машин»

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At the first stage, two models are presented on the Russian market: the Jetour Dashing urban crossover (Jetour Dashing) and the X90 Plus family crossover (X90 Plus).

— Which of the models in your opinion will be the most popular in Russia?

Most likely, the Jetour Dashing urban crossover with a length of 4590 mm will be in the greatest demand. The starting price for Dashing is 2 339 900 rubles. At the same time, I want to note that the equipment of such cars is rich: there is a stabilization system and assistance when starting up the hill, a panoramic roof, LED headlights, 18-inch alloy wheels in the base, climate control, parking sensors, leather trim seats and much more. And it is important that the cars will have an extended winter package: heated seats, injectors, steering wheel and windshield.

Well, in the maximum configuration, Jetour Dashing has adaptive cruise control with automatic braking system, air purification system and much more. Moreover, such machines are also equipped with a 190-horsepower engine (in the basic version of 147 hp).

But there will definitely be interest in the larger X90 Plus model, which costs from 3 249 900 rubles. Jetour X90 Plus is equipped with a 1.6-liter engine (190 hp) or a 2-liter unit (244 hp).

Группа компаний «СИМ» о Jetour: «Компания уверена в надежности машин»

Photo: jetour-sim-msk.ru

—Where do cars come from on the Russian market?

—All cars are exported from China, there is no assembly in Russia. We are currently only installing ERA-GLONASS system units. Moreover, in the future ERA-GLONASS will be mounted directly at the Jetour factory. Cars are delivered regularly, we do not expect a shortage. You can come to a car dealership, choose a car for yourself and immediately leave on it.

—What is the warranty for Jetour cars in Russia?

Everything is fine with Jetour’s warranty, the company is confident in the reliability of its machines. The total warranty for the main components and assemblies is 5 years or 150 thousand km. At the same time, for 3 years or 100 thousand km, the so-called basic warranty is valid, when in case of a breakdown, almost anything can be changed, with the exception of “consumables”. 5 years or 150 thousand km are serious figures. And in the future, such a long warranty will help with resale: I am sure that buyers on the secondary market would be happy to buy a car that is still under warranty.

— And what about spare parts? Can there be problems here?

— Jetour already has a wealth of experience entering new markets. That is why, even before the start of deliveries of cars to the Russian market, the company sent each dealer a large batch of spare parts. Moreover, these are mainly body elements. That is, even if the owner of Jetour gets into an accident, there will be no problems with repairing the car.

— Does the Group of Companies «SIM» have any interesting offers for Jetour buyers?

Absolutely. The SIM Group of Companies has one of the strongest credit and insurance departments on the market, we are ready to offer the most favorable interest rates to our customers, take the car into trade-in and much more. Therefore, come to the car dealerships of the SIM Group of Companies and take a test drive of Jetour models. I’m sure you’ll like them. And subscribe to our telegram channel, where there will be the most interesting news about Jetour.

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