Sollers has started full-cycle production of Argo trucks in Ulyanovsk

Production of a full cycle of Sollers Argo trucks has started in Ulyanovsk

Sollers Argo is a compact truck for urban transportation with a diesel engine, a traffic police inspector found a drone in the car. What does the driver face for this Inspection on January 27, Inspection 2023: everything drivers need to know News on November 25, 2022 Germany reacted to the launch of the Moskvich plant Law and traffic regulations on July 3, Stopping under the sign “Parking is prohibited”: in what situations is it permissible

Sollers начала производство по полному циклу грузовиков Argo в Ульяновске

Sollers Argo (Photo:Sollers)

The domestic company Sollers has started full-cycle assembly (with welding and painting) of compact Argo trucks in Ulyanovsk. According to the press service of the company, the project further provides for a large-scale localization program, including the organization of stamping, installation of a local diesel engine and gearbox, chassis elements, interior and exterior, and Russian electronics.

In total, it is planned to produce more than 10 thousand cars per year in a five-year perspective. Investments in the project will amount to over 1 billion rubles.

Sollers Argo is a compact truck for urban transportation. The load capacity is about 1 ton. The car is equipped with a diesel engine of 2 liters. The power is 130 hp and 285 NM of torque. The motor fully complies with the Euro-5 class, which gives the car the right to enter the center of large cities.

Production of commercial vehicles Sollers Argo (reshaped JAC X200) and Sollers Atlant (reshaped JAC Sunray) began at the plant in Yelabuga in November 2022. However, later it was decided to move the assembly of Sollers Argo to the territory of the UAZ.

Sollers is a Russian company that has been operating since 2000. She owns UAZ, as well as a number of other factories where foreign cars were produced until recently. In particular, it was Sollers that produced Isuzu trucks, vans and Fiat Ducato minibuses in Russia, and in recent years it has taken second place in the segment with the Ford Transit model. All these foreign brands left the Russian market in 2022.

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