The craziest (but serial!) cars from Japan. Video

A snail car, a minivan-convertible, a supercar the size of a matchbox and other cars that the Japanese did not hesitate to launch into a series of Stops under the sign “Parking is prohibited”: in what situations is it permissible by Law and traffic regulations On October 14, 2022, VAI inspectors appeared on the roads. What powers do they have Fines on December 19, 2022 New fines in 2023: what changes are waiting for drivers. Table News On November 25, 2022 Germany reacted to the launch of the Moskvich plant Test drives, reviews, interviews – watch this and much more on our Youtube channel

If you choose a country with the strangest car industry in the world, then France and Japan will definitely be in the final round.— and the latter is likely to win. We used to consider the Japanese very conservative in terms of automotive, but in fact sometimes they give out such unusual models that it is difficult to believe even in their reality, not to mention mass production.

In today’s video from the cycle “The Life of wonderful cars”, we will get acquainted with the crazy concept of an open three-door minivan from Mitsubishi, study the line of magnificent “Nissan” in the neo-retro style, find out what Subaru BRAT is. And we will also see a one-of-a-kind rotary pickup truck and much, much more. Brew tea and get ready to be surprised!

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