The EU asked customs to take away cars from Russians first of all

The EU has relaxed the ban on the import of personal belongings from Russia, but not cars

Russians were allowed to enter Europe with their personal belongings. But they promised to select cars first of all

ЕС попросила таможни отбирать у россиян в первую очередь автомобили

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The European Commission has updated the explanation on the procedure for importing property items from Russia. According to the adopted sanctions, many things were banned from being imported into Europe and are subject to confiscation at the border.

During the update, the clarification was softened, leaving the national customs of the EU member states to make their own decisions based on the principles of proportionality and reasonableness. In particular, it is proposed not to withdraw hygiene products and clothing if there is no doubt that a person entering from Russia uses these things for personal purposes, and does not import them for sale.

At the same time, in the new version of the explanation, national customs are invited to pay special attention to the ban on the import of passenger cars from Russia. The document says that it does not matter whether the car is imported for personal use or for commercial interest. In fact, all motor vehicles with the code 8703, which even includes snowmobiles and cars for driving on golf courses, fall under the ban. The easiest way to identify a car imported from Russia is by license plates and registration documents, the document says.

Recall that the sanctions themselves were adopted back in 2022, and in the summer of 2023, motorists in Germany began to complain that cars registered in Russia were being taken away from them. In response to this, on September 8, an explanation was issued from the European Commission, which stated that a wide range of things, including personal equipment and cars, were banned from being imported into EU countries from Russia. Now this explanation has been corrected.

Earlier Autonews.ru He reported that the Lithuanian authorities promised not to confiscate transit cars moving to or from the Kaliningrad Region to the rest of Russia, but only if the driver has documents confirming the fact of transit movement.

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