The European Union has banned drivers from Russia from entering private cars

cars will be placed (for example, release for free circulation or temporary import), also do not matter.

Евросоюз запретил водителям из России въезд на личных автомобилях


According to the current sanctions regime, Russians are prohibited from importing, or rather importing goods into the European Union. The problem is that imports are interpreted too broadly from the point of view of legislation. After all, import is customs clearance for the purpose of release into free circulation. Simply put, you bought something abroad and brought it to Russia to sell, that is, to make it free for turnover. If you have any restrictions on this product, then the product falls under another customs regime, for example, temporary import or transit. The main thing is that it is not an import. But in the EU they take a radical position, although they understand perfectly well that those tourists do not have the opportunity to clear the car,” Semenov noted.

He confirmed that now, even in the case of a tourist trip by private car, it is simply impossible to enter the European Union without the risk of being left without a car: the car will fall under arrest.

“The EU applies such a sanction as the arrest of cars with Russian license plates. This is such an original interpretation of European sanctions. Berlin believes that even the car is in the country in a temporary mode and is not intended for sale, it still violates the sanctions rules. And the EU’s response will lead to the fact that this practice will be applied at a higher level. This is a fundamental violation of property rights and an overly formal interpretation of sanctions regimes,” the lawyer said.

It is better not to go to Europe by car

Given the circumstances, Semenov advised Russians not to enter Europe by private cars, “until the situation settles down.” And this process, in his opinion, will take a long time.

“Someone should challenge this decision, declare it illegal, and the court can go for six months and a year, and all this time European countries will formally apply this clarification to create a freezing effect in the case of cars,” the expert believes.Therefore, it is better for ordinary drivers to take safety measures. Any car that is in the EU with Russian state license plates can become the object of arrest. After some time, it will be recognized as illegal, but this decision will have to wait.

In the case of cars that are already in the EU, the lawyer also advised to be as careful as possible and not to drive them on the streets.

Евросоюз запретил водителям из России въезд на личных автомобилях


In the EU, any attempt to do something with a car on Russian license plates will lead to the need to contact official authorities and, as a result, a subsequent arrest will occur. An attempt to sell or register in the EU will first lead to an investigation, then to his arrest. I would put the car in the garage and take the rooms. Yes, then it will be possible to sue the car, but the car will remain under arrest for a long time, it will turn into real estate, the lawyer warned.

The lawyer also noted that it is too late to export cars through countries that have not joined the sanctions against Russia.

“Theoretically, you can try to leave Europe through countries that have not joined the sanctions, for example, Serbia, but the risk is too great. I wouldn’t advise it any more,” the lawyer noted.

Earlier, after the incident in Germany, the Russian embassy recommended not to enter Germany in cars with Russian license plates. As stated in the diplomatic mission, the German authorities do not take into account the arguments that “we are not talking about goods intended for sale, but about private property used for personal purposes.”

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