The Foreign Ministry called the ban on Russians entering the European Union on personal cars racism

The Foreign Ministry called the ban on Russians entering the European Union on personal cars racism

On the eve of the EU published clarifications regarding the previously imposed sanctions. The Russian Foreign Ministry said that the European Union went beyond just “creating some advantages” for its “sinking economy”

МИД назвал расизмом запрет россиянам на въезд в Евросоюз на личных авто

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The decision of the European Union to ban Russians from importing cars and other personal belongings (phones, suitcases, etc.) — this is «just racism, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova told TASS.

“This is not a policy of sanctions, it is not a question of creating some additional benefits for the sinking economy of the European Union. This is racism as it is,” she said.

On the eve of September 10, the European Union clarified the previously imposed sanctions. According to his explanations, Russians are prohibited from entering the EU in private cars registered in Russia, including for tourist purposes. In addition, Russian citizens are also prohibited from importing a number of other personal items that fall under sanctions into EU countries. These are some personal hygiene products, such as shampoos, soap and toothpaste, cameras and smartphones, shoes and some clothes, and more.

In that&On the same day, the Russian Embassy in Finland recommended against traveling to the country in cars with Russian license plates. The diplomats explained that this is due to the explanations of the European Commission that entry into the EU territory by a car registered in Russia is equivalent to prohibited imports. 

Earlier, after a number of incidents in Germany, the Russian embassy recommended not to enter this country in cars with Russian license plates. As stated in the diplomatic mission, the German authorities do not take into account the arguments that “we are not talking about goods intended for sale, but about private property used for personal purposes.”

The Russian authorities consider Western sanctions illegal. The head of the Federation Council Committee on Constitutional Legislation and state Construction, Andrei Klishas, after the explanations of the European Union, said that “only reciprocal mirror restrictions on EU citizens can affect the enraged European bureaucrats and influence the abolition of such discriminatory rules.” In turn, Deputy Head of the Russian Security Council Dmitry Medvedev called for the suspension of diplomatic relations with Brussels.

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