The head of the traffic police ruled out fines for using gadgets on the windshield

The head of the traffic police Chernikov: there is no task to fine for gadgets on the windshield

According to the head of the traffic police, there is no task for traffic police inspectors to increase administrative practice in the line of drivers using gadgets on the windshield, the State Duma adopted new rules for obtaining a driver’s license Fines on December 19, 2022 New fines in 2023: what changes are waiting for drivers. Table News On November 25, 2022 Germany reacted to the launch of the Moskvich plant Law and traffic regulations On June 9, a traffic police inspector found a drone in the car. What does the driver face for this

Глава ГИБДД исключил штрафы за использование гаджетов на лобовом стекле

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The use of large tablets on the windshields of cars will not entail prosecution, the head of the State Traffic Inspectorate Mikhail Chernikov said at a briefing. According to him, in such a situation, traffic police officers will recommend motorists to simply outweigh gadgets so that they do not interfere with the review.

«If we see that the tablet is huge on the windshield — this does not mean bringing to justice. This means that the Traffic police officer should say  — «move it to another place ». We all understand that nothing will change from the fact that he will issue a fine. And the administrative penalty does not affect any subsequent actions,” Chernikov explained (quoted by Interfax).

The head of the department also stated that traffic police inspectors do not have the task of increasing administrative practice in this line. Chernikov added that it is always possible to appeal the fine in the prescribed manner, including through the website of the State Traffic Inspectorate.

Since September 1, 2023, the list of car malfunctions has changed in Russia, in the presence of which their operation will be prohibited. In most cases, motorists face a fine of 500 rubles for such violations, that is, a complete ban on driving does not threaten drivers. But if the violation is serious, the car will still be sent to a special parking lot.

According to earlier explanations of the traffic police, it is also prohibited to drive a car if objects are installed on its windshield that restrict the driver’s view, except for rear-view mirrors, wiper parts, external and applied or embedded in the glass radio antennas. The ban on using the DVR, if it does not interfere with the review, does not apply.

Earlier it was reported that from September 1, 2023, the absence of a first aid kit, a fire extinguisher and an emergency stop sign is no longer considered grounds for prohibiting the operation of a vehicle. Consequently, drivers are also not threatened with fines for their absence. This decision was explained in the traffic police by the fact that their presence or absence from the driver does not affect the probability of an accident.

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