The history of the rotary miracle. How Mazda Tamed the Wankel Engine

This revolutionary technology promised a revolution in the engine industry, but in the end it remained the lot of one company. We tell you everything you need to know about Mazda and rotary motors, the traffic police inspector found a drone in the car. What threatens the LADA driver for this on June 11, “The situation is unacceptable.” AvtoVAZ admitted that dealers overestimated the prices for Vesta Inspection on January 27, Inspection 2023: everything drivers need to know about the Law and traffic regulations On October 14, 2022, VAI inspectors appeared on the roads. What powers they have, test drives, reviews, interviews – this and much more, watch on our Youtube channel

No other company in the history of the automotive industry has ever submitted to the Wankel rotary engine. Many have tried, but only the insanely stubborn guys from Mazda managed to make a commercially successful product that has been on the assembly line for almost 50 years.

How did they manage to tame this ingenious but complex technology? What are the principles of operation of a rotary piston engine, how does it differ from a traditional one and why are the others faced with insurmountable difficulties? We recall the most interesting story of the rotary miracle from Hiroshima and track the path of the most important Mazda models.

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