The lawyer advised drivers from Russia not to travel by car to Europe

The lawyer warned Russian drivers about the risk of losing a car in Europe

Drivers were advised not to drive cars with Russian license plates to Europe because of new explanations from the European Union, VAI inspectors appeared on the roads. What powers do they have The Law and traffic regulations on October 21, 2022 What does high alert mode mean for drivers: who exactly will be checked by the Law and traffic regulations on July 3, a stop under the sign “Parking is prohibited”: in what situations is it permissible Driver’s license on June 27, the State Duma adopted new rules for obtaining a driver’s license

It is better for drivers not to enter Europe by private cars, warned Anatoly Semenov, Deputy Chairman of the RSPP Committee on Intellectual Property and Creative Industries. Earlier, an explanation appeared on the official website of the European Union, according to which motorists on cars registered in Russia will not be able to enter EU countries even in the case of a private trip for personal purposes. The document was published on the official EU website on September 8, 2023.

“Someone should challenge this decision, declare it illegal, and the court can go for six months and a year, and all this time European countries will formally apply this clarification to create a freezing effect in the case of cars,” the expert believes. Therefore, it is better for ordinary drivers to take security measures. Any car that is in the EU with Russian state license plates can become the object of arrest. After some time, it will be recognized as illegal, but this decision will have to wait.

In the case of cars that are already in the EU, the lawyer also advised to be as careful as possible and not to drive them on the streets.

In the EU, any attempt to do something with a car on Russian license plates will lead to the need to contact official authorities and, as a result, a subsequent arrest will occur. An attempt to sell or register in the EU will first lead to an investigation, then to his arrest. I would put the car in the garage and take the rooms. Yes, then it will be possible to sue the car, but the car will remain under arrest for a long time, it will turn into real estate, the lawyer warned.

The lawyer also noted that it is too late to export cars through countries that have not joined the sanctions against Russia.

“Theoretically, you can try to leave Europe through countries that have not joined the sanctions, for example, Serbia, but the risk is too great. I wouldn’t recommend it any more,” the lawyer noted.

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