The owner of the Mercedes plant near Moscow began selling Zeekr cars

Avtodom started selling Chinese Zeekr cars at a price of 6 million rubles.

Sales of Chinese Zeekr cars have started in Moscow and St. Petersburg. The Avtodom company is responsible for their implementation

Владелец подмосковного завода Mercedes начал продавать автомобили Zeekr

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The company “Motorhome”, which owns a Mercedes-Benz plant near Moscow, has started selling Chinese Zeekr cars in Russia, the brand’s press service said.

At the moment, the brand’s cars can be purchased at the dealerships of the company “Motorhome” in Moscow and St. Petersburg. The model range of the brand in Russia consists of three cars. The cost starts from 6 million rubles.

The youngest model in the line is the Zeekr X crossover. The rear-wheel drive version is equipped with one electric motor with a capacity of 272 hp, allowing you to accelerate to the first hundred in 5.8 seconds. The power reserve is 560 km. In the all-wheel drive version, two motors with a total capacity of 428 hp are installed, acceleration to the first 100 km/h takes 3.7 seconds, and the power reserve is reduced to 512 km.

Also «Motorhome» offers the Zeekr 001 sedan on the Russian market. The model is presented in three versions — rear-wheel drive, all-wheel drive and sports FR. The power of the power plant varies from 272 to 1125 hp, acceleration time up to 100 km/h from 6.9 to 2.7 s.

The Zeekr 009 minivan became the flagship car of the brand in Russia. It is equipped exclusively with an all-wheel drive power plant with a capacity of 544 hp. Acceleration to the first hundred takes 4.5 seconds.

Earlier Autonews.ru I reported that the Group of Companies “Motorhome” bought Mercedes assets in Russia and received a German brand plant near Moscow into its ownership. It is planned to launch the production of premium Chinese cars on it.

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