The power of the Lada Granta Sport engine has been revealed

The power of the Lada Granta Sport motor has been revealed

The “charged” Lada Granta Sport will be available in a sedan and liftback with a 118-horsepower engine

Раскрыта мощность мотора Lada Granta Sport

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The charged Lada Granta Sport received a 16-valve 1.6-liter engine with a capacity of 118 hp. Kirill Ladygin, the pilot of the Lada Sport ROSNEFT team, told about this in a short video dedicated to this model. Earlier, unofficial information appeared on the Network that the output of the new engine would be 122 hp.

According to Ladygin, the car will be offered in a sedan and liftback. In addition to the appearance of the usual Granta, the novelty will differ in sports suspension settings and rear disc brakes.

At the end of August 2023, it became known that Lada Sport released the first test samples of the “charged” Lada Granta with the Sport prefix. In turn, the representative of AVTOVAZ promised that the serial production of the model is planned to begin in the near future.

According to the company, in August 2023 they managed to sell 31 709 Lada passenger and light commercial vehicles in Russia. AvtoVAZ called it the new absolute maximum since July 2021. As for the first eight months of this year, Lada sales amounted to 206 321 cars. This figure is twice as high as the figures for the same period last year.

The most popular Lada model remains Granta, which sold 16,785 units, which is 44.9% more than in August 2022. In second place is the Lada Vesta family, which was preferred by 9807 buyers.

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