The Supreme Court did not cancel the parking fine due to an error in the state registration number

The Sun supported the parking fine for the driver who made a mistake when paying in the state registration number

A motorist made a mistake when entering a license plate to pay for parking in Moscow and received a fine of 5 thousand rubles. To challenge the punishment, he went to the Supreme Court, the traffic police inspector found a drone in the car. What the driver faces for this News on November 25, 2022 Germany reacted to the launch of the Moskvich plant Inspection on January 27, Inspection 2023: everything LADA drivers need to know on June 11, “The situation is unacceptable.” AvtoVAZ admitted dealers overstating prices for Vesta

Верховный суд не стал отменять штраф за парковку из-за ошибки в госномере

Photo: Mikhail Nikitin

A motorist who paid for parking in Moscow reached the Supreme Court, but still received a fine of 5 thousand rubles. As told Autonews.ru The driver’s lawyer Mikhail Nikitin, the driver of a Nissan Qashqai parked in Moscow on Shchepkin Street on February 1, 2022 in a paid parking area. The driver sent an SMS for payment, but made a typo in the state registration number. At the same time, the payment was made successfully.

The motorist tried to challenge the fine in three instances: in his opinion, the fine was unfair, since he still paid for parking and he had no intention of avoiding payment. However, the courts upheld the punishment, as did the Supreme Court.

Drivers in Moscow regularly receive fines for unpaid parking due to mistakes made when entering the license plate of the car, and some because they enter the license plate of the second car they use. In 2019, the Administrator of the Moscow Parking Space (AMPP) responded to such complaints in the GKU.

Since June 21 of that year, a new version of the Moscow Parking application has been launched, in which the functionality has changed. The main innovation was the ability to correct errors in license plates or in specifying the location of the parking zone, they said Autonews.ru in the AMPP.

In addition, those who forgot to extend parking will be able to pay extra and change the time of its completion. This moment does not mean that it will be possible to pay for the entire parking lot after the fact: the motorist must necessarily open a parking session and pay for the period of time he needs. But, for example, if the expected parking time has increased, and it is inconvenient for the driver to take out the phone and extend the session, or he just forgot about it, it will be possible to make a payment until the end of the current day.

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