The traffic police answered the question about the fine for the absence of a flag on the state registration number

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В ГИБДД ответили на вопрос о штрафе за отсутствие флага на госномере

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Owners of cars registered in Russia were explained whether it is possible to install a license plate without an image of the country’s flag. The corresponding explanation was published in the official telegram channel of the traffic police in the Stavropol Territory.

Answering questions about possible fines for driving cars with state license plates without the Russian tricolor, the ministry said that the use of the image of the flag of Russia on state registration plates is not mandatory. Such license plates, according to the agency, comply with the requirements of GOST R 50577–2018 «State registration signs of vehicles. Types and basic sizes. Technical requirements».

Thus, the Russian GOST R 50577-93 strictly regulates certain dimensions of the sign (width, height and length). According to this norm, license plates must also contain the permitted numbers, letters and the designation of the region of registration of the vehicle. It is mandatory to have a convex Latin inscription RUS on the number. But the image of the flag is allowed to be used additionally. If there are letters, numbers and an inscription on the number, but there is no flag, this is not a violation.

В ГИБДД ответили на вопрос о штрафе за отсутствие флага на госномере

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The norms of this national standard are harmonized with the provisions of the Convention on Road Traffic of 1968, which, as a mandatory feature of the State of registration of a vehicle, provides only for the application of the appropriate international code. —«RUS»  — for Russia », — noted in the traffic police in the Stavropol territory.

However, they warned that the signs issued by the Traffic Police units for the registration of cars contain an image of the flag. If a motorist wants to install a license plate without a tricolor, they will have to be ordered individually from the manufacturer of state registration plates.

From January 1, 2020, the traffic police partially removed the obligation to issue registration plates: drivers can order them themselves, but only in specialized organizations that print them in compliance with the norms. Such small companies, for example, began to open near regional MREOS.A set of license plates without a flag costs about 2-3 thousand rubles.Some companies also offer to print numbers and letters in bold or remove the number plate edging for an additional fee, but here you need to be more careful. The height and thickness of the letters are clearly regulated by the Russian GOST, the fine for violating its norms is 500 rubles.

Earlier it was reported that cars with Russian state license plates will no longer be allowed in a number of European ones starting from September 2023.

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