The traffic police explained whether it is possible to touch up the license plate yourself

The traffic police told whether it is possible to restore the license plate worn out from old age

The traffic police explained to drivers whether it is possible to restore the letters and numbers on the car’s license plate erased from time “The situation is unacceptable”. AvtoVAZ admitted that dealers overestimated the prices of the Vesta Law and traffic regulations On October 14, 2022, VAI inspectors appeared on the roads. On June 27, the State Duma adopted new rules for obtaining a driver’s license, the Law and Traffic Regulations on October 21, 2022, Which means a high-alert mode for drivers: who will be checked for sure

В ГИБДД объяснили, можно ли подкрашивать госномер самому

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The traffic police explained to motorists what to do with a worn and faded license plate. The corresponding instruction was published in the telegram channel of the traffic police in the Stavropol Territory.

As explained in the State Traffic Inspectorate, you can try to carefully tint the black symbols yourself, observing the requirements of GOST R 50577–2018 «Signs of state registration vehicles. Types and basic sizes. Technical requirements».

This document, in particular, establishes requirements for the font of numbers and letters, as well as the installation locations of license plates.

If the retroreflective film that covers the registration plate field is damaged, you will have to order the production of a duplicate. It is impossible to restore it on its own, the traffic police warned.

Also, the State Traffic Inspectorate noted that the absence of the Russian flag on the state registration number is not considered a violation.

“The use of the image of the state flag of the Russian Federation on state registration plates in accordance with GOST is not mandatory,” it said.

They added that the norms of this national standard are harmonized with the provisions of the Convention on Road Traffic of 1968, which, as a mandatory feature of the state of registration of a vehicle, provides only for the application of the appropriate international code: for Russia  — «RUS».

At the same time, the signs ordered by the departments of the State Traffic Inspectorate for issuance based on the results of registration actions contain an image of the flag. Signs, without tricolor, are ordered by car owners individually from the manufacturer of state registration plates.

As lawyer Dmitry Dugin explained, if a driver in a car with poorly readable license plates is stopped by a traffic police inspector, such a motorist may face a fine. The decision in this case will, in his opinion, depend on the specific traffic police inspector.

So, if the number is simply not readable, a fine of 500 rubles is threatened for this. But if the inspector finds signs of intentional modification of the license plate, the motorist may be held liable for this under the more serious part 2 of Article 12.2. — driving a car with modified license plates. And this is either a fine of 5 thousand rubles. or deprivation of rights for 1-3 months.

Earlier, the Association of Manufacturers and operators of recognition and photo-video recording systems “Oko” told  Autonews.ru that when recognizing the camera number, they react not to the black paint with which the numbers and letters of the license plate are written, but to the reflective white paint on the plate. According to experts, even if the license plate is almost white, the camera will still read it: the frayed characters of the number for their automatic recognition do not matter. The main thing is that the room is clean.

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