The traffic police told about the cancellation of inspection cards

The traffic police told about the cancellation of inspection cards

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В ГИБДД рассказали про аннулирование карт техосмотра

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The State Traffic Inspectorate regularly conducts mass inspections of inspection stations. The fact is that often unscrupulous owners of such points give drivers cards fictitiously, without going through the appropriate procedures, for an additional fee. The department warned motorists that getting and driving with such diagnostic cards is illegal and threatens drivers with serious consequences.

For example, in the Samara Region, in just one month (March), employees of the local traffic police calculated four service stations at once, which issued cards, and also entered all the necessary data about cars into a single automated technical inspection system. In fact, these cars did not undergo any procedures.

As a result, 281 administrative offense cases were initiated against the operators, responsibility for which is provided for in Part 3 of Article 14.4.1 of the Code of Administrative Offenses of the Russian Federation.

Also, the department’s employees were able to identify 9687 drivers who used the services of these operators to illegally obtain diagnostic cards. When detecting such cases, police officers decide to cancel the diagnostic card.

The State Traffic Inspectorate recommends contacting the checked technical inspection points and passing a technical inspection of your car in a timely manner. The frequency of technical inspection for vehicle owners is established by the requirements of Federal Law No. 170-FZ dated 01.07.2011 on Technical Inspection and Amendments to Certain Legislative Acts of the Russian Federation.

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