The United States imposed sanctions against four Russian car companies

The United States imposed sanctions against the Russian automobile plants VAZ, GAZ, UAZ and Moskvich

GAZ Group, AvtoVAZ, Moskvich and Sollers Concern have fallen under the new US sanctions

США ввели санкции против четырех российских автокомпаний

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The US Treasury Department has published a new list of sanctions against Russian citizens and companies. In particular, four corporations of the Russian automotive industry were included in it: AvtoVAZ, GAZ Group, Moskvich and Sollers (the main brand of UAZ).

The US Treasury Department said in a statement that sanctions are being imposed in pursuance of decisions taken at the G7 summit in May 2023. The purpose of the sanctions is called the weakening of the industrial sector of Russia.

The list of companies that have been sanctioned includes four concerns of the automotive industry. 

  • «AvtoVAZ», which controls car factories in Togliatti, Izhevsk and the former Nissan plant in St. Petersburg.
  • «GAZ Group», which in addition to the Gorky automobile plant controls several bus productions in Russia.
  • «Moskvich» — under this brand at the former Renault plant in Moscow, cars are produced from the machine kits of the Chinese concern JAC.
  • Sollers, a company that owns UAZ car factories, as well as enterprises in Yelabuga and Vladivostok, where JAC-based machines are assembled.

The report of the US Treasury directly states that all of the listed companies have been sanctioned precisely as car manufacturers.

Earlier Autonews.ru He reported that due to sanctions from Russia, it was forbidden to enter the EU countries by private cars.

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