UAZ denied the increase in prices for the Patriot SUV

UAZ called the information about the increase in prices for the Patriot a confusion

Domestic UAZ commented on the information about the increase in prices for Patriot SUVs by 8.3%

УАЗ опроверг повышение цен на внедорожник «Патриот»

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UAZ did not raise the prices of the SUV “Patriot”, the correspondent was told Autonews.ru in the press service of the plant. The company commented on the data that appeared on the Web about the summer increase in the price of one of the brand’s models.

The information published in a number of media outlets about the August increase in the value of the UAZ Patriot by 8.3% is not true, the brand’s press service reported.

According to the official representative of the company, the recommended retail prices for Ulyanovsk cars have remained unchanged since February 2023.

«Confusion among analysts was caused by the appearance in the price list of the top configuration «Comfort» with the package «Luxury Premium » for 1 950 000 rubles, offered in July for a limited batch of 200 SUVs. At the same time, the price of the Base ICARUS equipment variant with the Limited package, mistakenly taken as a reference point, is still 1 800 000 rubles., The UAZ press service concluded.

At the moment, the model is equipped with a 2.7-liter atmospheric engine with a capacity of 150 hp and 235 NM of torque, working with a five-speed “mechanics”. Prices start from 1.55 million rubles.

Earlier Autonews.ru he reported that UAZs will receive new diesel engines. Apparently, we are talking about the Chinese JAC HFC4DB2-1D engine, which is installed on Sollers Argo commercial trucks. Its volume is the same 2 liters. Power is 130 hp and 285 NM of torque.

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